ResourceSmart Schools
Sustainability Victoria, VIC

ResourceSmart Schools is fostering strong links between schools and their communities, encouraging student leadership and stimulating parent involvement in sustainability. This Victorian Government initiative, proudly managed by Sustainability Victoria and delivered by partners across the state, is Victoria’s umbrella framework for sustainability education in schools. It is attracting interest from around the world because of the way it delivers measurable environmental benefits and provides young Victorians with the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to make sustainable choices for the rest of their lives.

Participating schools work through five modules: the Core module to plan, vision, engage the school community and set baseline data; and four resource modules (water, waste, energy, biodiversity) where they undertake activities in curriculum, operations and community engagement, track their improvements and are recognised for their efforts via Sustainability Certification.

Between 2011 and 2015, ResourceSmart Schools provided more than 50% of Victoria’s schools (government, Catholic and independent) and 400,000 students with support, tools and resources that helped them – through education, behaviour and infrastructure changes – to reduce their environmental impact and save $17 million in reduced resource use.

This comprehensive sustainability education initiative helps build capability and confidence of teachers and educators via a professional learning program and it recognises and celebrates Victoria’s most inspirational sustainable schools via the annual ResourceSmart Schools Awards.


Global Water Cooperation – A means for educators to address local and global environment issues
Bentleigh West Primary School, VIC

Grown and Gathered – Educating from the ground up towards sustainable food systems and a bright future!
Grown and Gathered, VIC

Kamila Krauze
Glen Huntly Primary School, VIC

Mirboo North Secondary College Enviro Team and Landcare Cadets
Mirboo North Secondary College, VIC



Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework: Making dairy food sustainable for the long term
Australian Dairy Industry Council, VIC

The Australian dairy industry is worth $13 billion to the Australian economy and directly employs 43,000 people. We seek to be recognised worldwide as a responsible, responsive and prosperous producer of healthy food.

Increasingly, our customers and the community are demanding proof that we are doing the right thing by people, animals and our planet. In response, we have taken a whole-of-industry approach to sustainability through the creation and adoption of the Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework.

To develop it we consulted widely with industry (farmers, manufacturers) and stakeholders (customers, retailers, interest groups, suppliers, government). It centres on three themes – enhancing livelihoods, improving wellbeing, reducing environmental impact – with 11 targets and 41 measures reported annually.

The Framework underpins the industry’s reputation as responsible managers of natural resources in the production of everybody’s favourite dairy products, including cheese, yoghurt and icecream.

Targets are set for profitability, community resilience, OH&S, skills, product safety, nutrition, animal care and environmental impact. In particular, manufacturers are working to reduce water use by 20%, greenhouse gas intensity by 30% and waste to landfill by 40%. They also work closely with their suppliers to encourage sustainable practices on-farm.

The Framework is a strategy that will keep the Australian dairy industry in business longterm. Don’t just take our word for it – Ian McConnell, Global Commodity Leader, WWF says: “To have those goals outlined and some time-bound commitments around them means they are well down the path towards achieving what is a truly sustainable dairy industry.