May 30, 2016

A Dynamic and Inspiring Awards Launch. By ANDREW BLOCK

Like all Banksia functions, the recent 2016 Banksia Sustainability Awards Launch at Ernst & Young in May was dynamic and inspiring. Conversations among attendees ranged from sustainable mobility programs to how disruptive technology fuels the purpose economy. But beneath it all was a message the wider business community needs to hear; that sustainable practises are not just for specialists, big corporates or environmentalists. Sustainability can and should be part of every Australian business and community, large or small. It doesn’t require a working group of experts in sustainable development or corporate social responsibility. The proof was right there in the line up of panellists – each a former Banksia Sustainability Award winner with plenty to say about the benefits of being involved with our program. Kalleske Wines – a family run winery in South Australia that produces award-winning organic wines and has embedded sustainable practises across its entire operations. “Entering...
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