Leeanne Rodgers

Insights on the idea behind our 2016 awards – innovation

Innovation underpins sustainable business, so it makes good sense to celebrate it as the key theme for the 2016 Banksia Sustainability Awards. We’re also focusing on innovation because it deserves clarification. Innovation is a water cooler conversation word – overused and underappreciated. Every organisation wants to be seen as innovative because it makes them seem progressive, open, versatile and courageous, to name just a few worthy business characteristics. But not many are genuine innovators. Most are followers or at best, early adopters. Real innovators are pioneers – black sheep. They stand out because they are doing something different, often something radical that contradicts conventional approaches. Real innovation is a tough call. First, it takes a great idea, and the brilliance to recognise it. Then it takes the strength of will to transform the idea into something useful against a clamour of dissenting voices. That takes a powerful mix of systemic...
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