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Over the last 29 years, The Banksia
Foundation has recognised over 400
inspirational, passionate and nationally
acclaimed winners.

These winners have overcome great challenges of the day, learnt important lessons and shared their story through the Banksia Foundation. Their tireless efforts in making a positive difference to our environment has inspired and motivated other individuals, organisations and companies across Australia to lead on the path towards a more sustainable future.

This year will provide new challenges and opportunities, we encourage you to stay tuned for information on the upcoming Awards Program.


Within Australia there are many initiatives and projects taking place making a real difference today and more importantly ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

The Banksia Foundation, through our Award Programs, raises the profile of the current sustainability issues facing Australia and recognise those whose initiatives are an encouragement and an example for others to follow.

Being able to assess and share this fountain of knowledge and energy is instrumental to making all the difference and driving enduring change.

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yellow diamond

What Banksia provides for our winners and finalists is public recognition and acknowledgement for their sustainability credentials that can then be taken back to their community, organisation or industry and utilised to motivate and inspire further progress towards sustainable development in Australia.

  • Network with key environmental, industry and government groups.
  • Public recognition in the media.
  • Highlight your (or another’s) commitment to the environment.
  • Attain national recognition for your project, business or organisation.
  • Provide an example of environmental excellence for your community.
  • Utilise the prestigious Banksia Award in your marketing activity.
  • Recognise the work of the members of your organisation or business.
  • Utilise as a key tool to assist you in promoting environmental awareness within your business.
  • Assess your program against external criteria.


From its conception 29 years ago, the Banksia Sustainability Awards have been the guiding light of Australia in seeking out and recognising leadership along with innovation across all sectors of sustainability. The Banksia Sustainability Awards is a platform that does not only celebrate outstanding sustainability achievements but also serves as a prolific networking event in the country, in which the latest developments and revolutionary visions of promoting sustainability are presented, discussed and awarded.

The 2017 Banksia Sustainability Awards, hosted by EY in Sydney, provides guests with the opportunities to meet the 2017 Banksia Awards Finalists as well as discovering first-hand the breadth and depth of the expertise developed by a diversified cross-section of Australians, be they individuals, local councils, community groups, SMBs or large corporations. This day-long event features the exchange of novel ideas and the presentation of original research. On top of that, guests can gain an insight into the recent and ongoing advances and get a chance to network with peers.

*Please note that there are two separate venues for each event on the 1st November. The Finalist Insights will be held at EY Office located at 200 Geroge St, Sydney and the Banksia Awards Presentation is held at Doltone House, Darling Island Wharf, 48 Pirrama Road, Sydney.