Banksia White Paper


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Small business sustainability
in a COVID-19 world

A whitepaper by Australia Post in collaboration
with the Banksia Foundation 



Small Business: Making sustainability part of everyday

white paper
/ˈwaɪt peɪpə/ (say ‘wuyt paypuh)
noun 2. Parliamentary Procedure a statement of government policy on a particular issue, presented to parliament as a subject for discussion, usually prior to or accompanying the introduction of a relevant bill.

While not developed as a ‘Parliamentary Procedure’, Banksia will produce a White Paper on each of its award categories under the umbrella topic of Towards 2020 – Innovative Adaptation for Australia’s Sustainable Future. Banksia published its first in a series of White Papers 2015 and will publish the second in 2016 featuring recent winners and finalists from the small to medium business award and other relevant categories. The Banksia Sustainability Awards have collected a wealth of knowledge over the years and brought us into contact with many exciting new initiatives. We believe we should be making better use of this information, to the benefit of the Australian community. We concluded the best way to make this type of information accessible to the broader community is by producing a White Paper based on the experiences of the winners and finalists in our various categories. The White Paper will be available to the general public and will provide relevant and down-to-earth information in relation to an area of current concern, which we can learn from and apply more broadly.

We will work with Banksia’s winners and finalists to investigate how these leaders and innovators have become just that. In addition, we will identify how they envisage going forward towards 2020, adopting innovative approaches to promoting sustainability in their particular areas. The Banksia White Paper concept is an extension of the Banksia Sustainability Awards program. It is aimed at more effectively utilising the amazing and inspiring pool of leaders and innovators that we see in the Awards program. It allows us to continue our relationship with our finalists and winners, encouraging them to continue their outstanding work, passing on their knowledge and experience to others. We see it as a relationship where both parties work to ensure that we produce an informative, practical and innovative piece on how we should be going forward.