yellow diamond


yellow diamond

In 2018, we worked towards aligning the Banksia Awards with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our entry process. In 2019, we are going one step further by asking you to take us through the specific SDGs you are working in your entry,  relating all of your answers back to the SDGs you are addressing where relevant.

We encourage you to please make sure to relate all your answers back to the SDGs you are addressing where relevant.

The 2019 Categories are:

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Business
  • Not-for-profit organisations and Non-governmental organisations
  • Government
  • Academia/ Research
  • Indigenous
  • Community groups
  • Minister’s Award for the Environment – please download relevant Entry Kit if you would like to enter into this category.


WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Please provide a background on your initiative or approach (Worth 10% of the marks)

  • Introduce your initiative (product, process or project) or approach.
  • What were the driving forces to commence this initiative or approach?
  • X FACTOR: How does your initiative or approach stand out?

LEARNINGS: What have you learnt from implementing this initiative or approach? (Worth 30% of the marks)

  • Tell us about the journey of your initiative or approach. We understand that things don’t always go to plan, so tell us about your challenges, if any, and how you were able to overcome them.
  • What are your goals and have you been successful in achieving them? Why or why not?
  • Have your goals changed as a result of the knowledge you have gained in implementing your initiative or approach? If so, how have they changed?
  • How important are partnerships, associations and consultation in achieving your goals? Have these partnerships presented any challenges?
  • What have you had to overcome? Have there been any obstacles? Please explain

RESULTS – INCLUDING SDG CONTRIBUTION: What have you achieved? (Worth 40% of the marks)

  • What are your results, both quantitative and qualitative, and how have you measured them? Where possible, please provide analysis (quantitative data, qualitative information, third party endorsements and commentary)
  • How have you communicated your success and challenges and how have you generated interest in this area internally and externally?
  • How does your initiatives or approach exemplify disruption, innovation and leadership?
  • How has your initiative or approach effectively advanced the relevant SDG goals?

LEGACY: What is your legacy? (Worth 20% of the marks)

  • Is your initiative or approach scalable, i.e. can it be further rolled out across your organisation, your peers/sector, locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally? If so, how do you see this happening?
  • Is your project pertinent to a particular niche? How have you worked with this approach?
  • What is the future of this initiative? What is the type of legacy that can come out of this initiative?
  • Is this project restricted by budget, personnel or passion?

Download an Entry Kit for the 2019 Banksia Sustainability Award

Download an Entry Kit for the Minister’s Award for the Environment