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2018 Banksia Sustainability Awards 

You will now play a key role in Banksia’s 30th Anniversary. Welcome to our celebration of 30 years of seeking out, rewarding and recognising our sustainability leaders.

Banksia is proud to be partnering with the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) in sharing with you what makes sustainability leadership and innovation such a key ingredient in providing Australia with a successful recipe in going forward.  

Join us as MCEC brings to the forefront their key sustainability ingredients in hosting you to a memorable 30th anniversary milestone in the new amazing SovereignRoom. 

Over the past 30 years we have recognised over 400 winners and have received over 5000 entries. Each year, the announcement of Australia’s leading lights in the sustainability sector brings together a diverse community interested in learning more about our leadership and innovation.

Use our event to learn and be inspired by others but also possibly connect with key people that you will be able to collaborate with to take your ideas or work further. To this end the Banksia Awards presentation is more than just an announcement of winners. We invite you to come to the finalist talks to learn and be motivated by some of this country’s leading innovators and disrupters throughout our diverse range of sectors, from community through to large business and governments.  The way we have designed the whole day provides the opportunity for understanding, discussion and hopefully results in collaboration between various sectors in our community. Be sure to bring anyone that you feel needs inspiration, or needs to be exposed to the positive results that are being generated in Australia – the flow-on affect from this event is immense and is why the Banksia Awards were established 30 years ago.

The finalists’ talks are placed throughout the day and the culmination of the day results in the gala dinner awards presentation. This year we are very pleased to have the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) as a proud partner in providing us with a truly innovative and exciting venue format, culinary delights and an education on what sustainability represents to MCEC. 

For more details and to purchase tickets head to: 2018 Banksia Sustainability Awards