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Robert Pascoe, 

Managing Director, Closed Loop

Robert Pascoe is the founder and Managing Director of Closed Loop, an Australian company providing comprehensive environmental solutions across industries including aviation, events, hospitality and health.

Robert appreciates that businesses need to be commercially viable to survive in the short term and believes that environmental and social sustainability considerations are just as critical to a business’ long term viability. Over the past twenty years, Robert has been helping large and small businesses implement strategies to successfully tackle these challenges together.

Robert is particularly passionate about waste and regards it as a valuable resource that we shouldn’t simply throw away. In recent years, he has invested in technology for onsite composting of food waste which reduces the amount of organic waste sent to landfill and in place produces a nutrient rich soil conditioner.

Robert has his own farm near the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and his interest in farming and food production has led to the creation of his latest sustainability project, The Farmer’s Place; a working farm, cafe and farmers’ market. The cafe is housed in a unique building made from recycled shipping containers and sustainable waste, water and energy practices are demonstrated throughout the property. As an integrated paddock to plate to paddock operation, The Farmer’s Place provides a tangible example of food for the future; food that is grown locally and sustainably and is prepared and disposed of thoughtfully.

Robert is currently the Head of the Banksia Environmental Foundation’s Advisory Board. He is also serving as a director of the Sydney Swans Australian Rules Football Club, is a founding director of the social enterprise City Harvest and is Deputy Chairman of Australia’s largest outdoor education provider The Outdoor Education Group.


Andrew Sellick

Head of Environmental Sustainability, Australia Post

Andrew has spent much of his career helping some of Australia’s best known companies including Qantas and Australia Post to create more good for the environment and ultimately creating better outcomes for their customers and community. He’s spearheaded the implementation of a wide range of environmentally focused initiatives including carbon offsetting, ground breaking recycling and upcycling programs, innovative renewable fuel and energy solutions as well as customer, community and workforce engagement strategies. He lives in Melbourne with his family and is triathlete in his spare time.

Ramana James

Head of Group Shared Value , IAG

Ramana has a long career in sustainability and shared value. He established the Corporate Responsibility function at Vodafone Australia in 2003 and led environmental practice across 26 countries for Vodafone Group during two secondments as the Group Environment Manager, based in the UK. Ramana then transitioned across to the property industry where he worked with Stockland, a leading diversified property group, for more than 5 years. He lead a team responsible for an integrated sustainability strategy and the introduction of shared value across commercial property, residential development and retirement living. He joined IAG in mid 2014 as the Head of Group Shared Value and leads the Group Shared Value team which is responsible for developing and executing IAG’s organisational-wide shared value activity.


Arron Wood

Cr Arron Wood, 

Chair of the Environment, City of Melbourne

As a sustainable business expert, Councillor Arron Wood has a strong interest in the environment. He runs the environmental education program, Kids Teaching Kids, which has seen more than 100,000 students participating over the past 16 years and has won the 2010 Banksia People’s Choice Award.

Cr Wood is Chair of the Environment portfolio and Deputy Chair of the Economic Development portfolio. He sits on the Parks and Gardens Advisory Committee, the Yarra Park Advisory Committee and is a board member of the Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority.

Through his role as Chair of the Environment Portfolio, Cr Wood has spearheaded leading environmental initiatives including creating a comprehensive solar program, developing a new business model for group purchase of new renewable energy and the Resilient Melbourne Strategy.

As the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2007 Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year , Cr Wood is well aware of the value of supporting and promoting leadership through awards. That’s why Council agreed to support the Banksia Awards.