Ashleigh and Jaine Morris

Ashleigh and Jaine Morris

Ashleigh and Jaine Morris

Co-Founders,Circular Experiment

Ashleigh and Jaine Morris are sisters and Co-Founders of Australia’s first circular economy start-up The Circular Experiment. In March 2017, Jaine and Ashleigh launched The Circular Experiment’s six-month proof of concept project working with 45 small to medium enterprises on a CBD street on the Sunshine Coast to implement six circular economy principles to identify the economic, social and environmental value of the circular economy. The proof of concept project made waves in Australia and internationally with Ashleigh and Jaine representing Australia in the world’s largest green business competition in Cyprus, receiving a statement of support from Queensland’s Environment Minister and speaking at conferences across Australia. The sister’s success is only seconded by the outcomes achieved for the businesses they worked with from diverting coffee grounds to a local farmer to grow edible flowers, reducing electricity costs, collecting and diverting soft plastics, reducing litter through gamification and beautification of the street, and most importantly supporting the development of the businesses trader’s association where the businesses all now work together to achieve strategic goals for the street they operate within.

The sisters have extremely diverse and complementary skills sets and are often coined the substance and sparkle of The Circular Experiment respectively.

Ashleigh is an experienced Academic, Board member, Environmental Management Consultant and successful circular economy Entrepreneur. She currently works with the United Nations Environment Programme, Smart Cities Council of Australia & New Zealand, Climate KIC Australia and QLD’s Future Business Generation.

Ashleigh holds a Bachelor of Environmental Health Science with Faculty Commendation for academic excellence and the Chancellors Medal and 1st Class Honours in Environmental Management. She is an Australian-ASEAN Emerging Leader and Prime Ministers Australia Asia scholar.

Jaine is a gifted ‘people person’ and has an extensive history of being able to quickly foster connection and gain trust in challenging situations. Jaine worked for many years as a Remote Area Nurse in some of the most geographically hostile and isolated parts of our country. The care, compassion, and excellence with which Jaine delivered health care saw her warmly welcomed into the culture of the Kuuku Ya’u people from Cape York – a feat she is immensely proud.

Many of the skills Jaine mastered during her career as a Remote Area Nurse, including her exemplar communication skills, problem solving, resourcefulness and resilience transcend disciplines. She is committed to bringing about positive change in this world and her key areas of interest are in circularity as a driver of health and wellbeing, story telling as a means to communicate complex ideas and connection and care for our country.