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UN’S Sustainable Development Goals

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How we see the SDGs aligning with the 2017 Banksia Sustainability

The Banksia Foundation will closely explore the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) over the next few years and the role they will play in taking Australia towards a more sustainable future.

In 2017, the Banksia Foundation will illustrate how each of their Award categories align with the 17 SDGs. Whilst we will not be assessing our Award entrants on their commitment to the goals in 2017, we encourage all of Australia to start looking at the ways they can address these key areas. 

In 2017, Banksia will be establishing its Awards on the SDGs, ensuring that each categories’ criteria reflects one or more of the 17 Goals. 

Banksia Communication for Change Award

Banksia Food for Sustainable Thought Award

Banksia Indigenous Leadership for Sustainability Award

Banksia Large Business Sustainability Leadership Award

Banksia Leadership in the Circular Economy Award

Banksia Natural Capital Award

Banksia Small to Medium Business Sustainability Leadership Award

Banksia SMART Award

Banksia Sustainable Cities Award

Banksia Sustainable and Resilient Communities Award