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Australia Post 

Every day we help people, communities, businesses and government connect with each other across the country, regardless of their size and where they are located.

Australia Post plays an important role in supporting small to medium businesses by helping them connect with their customers across Australia and the world.

Our presence across the length and breadth of Australia is unmatched; delivering millions of items each week to 11.3 million addresses, and operating over 4,400 Post Offices including 2,560 in rural and remote areas. We have a network of Business Hubs specifically to meet the needs of our business customers, and we provide access to a range of eCommerce solutions.

Our ability to influence and impact thousands of Australian communities means we are uniquely placed to help build a better future for everyone, everywhere, every day.

We understand that our opportunity today is unique and important. We aim to use our presence in every Australian community to enable positive environmental and sustainable outcomes while delivering exceptional value for our customers, our workforce and our community.

Australian Government

The Department designs and implements Australian Government policy and programs to protect and conserve the environment, water and heritage, promote climate action, and provide adequate, reliable and affordable energy.

Currie Communications

Currie Communications is an independent Australian sustainability communications agency which thrives on brokering conversations, collaboration and partnerships for sustainable development. 

Currie believes that business can lead progress; it’s one of the many reasons why Currie is a proudly-certified B Corporation – a company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. 

 In 2016 Currie became a participant of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and a member of the associated Global Compact Network Australia. In doing so, Currie affirmed its commitment to the Global Compact’s 10 principals on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. 

A significant portion of Currie’s work involves helping businesses and regulatory bodies strive to meet the global UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and communicate their progress to stakeholders and other target audiences. 

The 2018 Banksia Sustainability Awards embrace the SDGs, also known as the Global Goals. This year, Currie will be sponsoring the awards, and will take a keen interest in entries that support SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals. 

Currie’s focus in 2018 is to enact change by inspiring conversations about sustainability, facilitating collaboration between motivated parties and creating frameworks that combine resources and skills to fix problems. 

Currie’s strength is in its commitment to building a team of purpose-driven people. In order to do good work with leaders in business, science, government and society on complex issues, Currie has curated a specialised and inspired workforce of communicators who are motivated by positive change. 

Currie has been an official communications partner for the Banksia Sustainability Awards since 2015 and is eager to continue helping to recognise businesses who value sustainable development. 

Destination NSW


Our world is ever-changing – and with it, comes growing pains. A growing population means we’re using more resources and leaving a bigger footprint on the environment.

Finding new ways to make better use of our natural resources isn’t easy, but we’re up to the task.  For over 150 years, SUEZ has led the way in delivering smart and sustainable resource management solutions for businesses, governments and communities.

Whether its treating and re-using wastewater or generating renewable energy from waste, our experts are embracing the power of innovation to lead the resource revolution and find more sustainable ways of living.