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Australia Post

Sponsor of the Banksia Small to Medium Business Sustainability Leadership Award

Every day we help people, communities, businesses and government connect with each other across the country, regardless of their size and where they are located.

Australia Post plays an important role in supporting small to medium businesses by helping them connect with their customers across Australia and the world.

Our presence across the length and breadth of Australia is unmatched; delivering millions of items each week to 11.3 million addresses, and operating over 4,400 Post Offices including 2,560 in rural and remote areas. We have a network of Business Hubs specifically to meet the needs of our business customers, and we provide access to a range of eCommerce solutions.

Our ability to influence and impact thousands of Australian communities means we are uniquely placed to help build a better future for everyone, everywhere, every day.

We understand that our opportunity today is unique and important. We aim to use our presence in every Australian community to enable positive environmental and sustainable outcomes while delivering exceptional value for our customers, our workforce and our community.

City of Melbourne

Sponsors of the Banksia Sustainable Cities Award

Melbourne is one of the world’s most liveable cities and the City of Melbourne aims to make it one of the most sustainable too. The City of Melbourne provides solid foundations for the sustainability of Melbourne’s communities. We embrace the unfamiliar to help us achieve our ambitions. We encourage our community to take positive actions and we lead by example locally, nationally and globally.

Through strategies, policies, and programs, we aim for a city that reduces its environmental impact, is resilient to the impacts of climate change and intelligently prepares for the changing needs of the community, the environment and the economy.

We practice what we preach. Our organisation became carbon neutral in 2012. We built Council House 2, Australia’s first 6 Star Green Star new office design in 2006. Through a $30m loan from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation we are upgrading our street lighting network with energy efficient LED bulbs, and installing 300 kW worth of rooftop solar panels on Council and community facilities.

In an Australian first, we have united large energy users as part of the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project. The group has launched a competitive tender and we aim to purchase 110 GWh of energy from new large scale renewable energy facilities in regional Australia. This is enough energy to power more than 28,000 households in Melbourne for a year.

Bringing together more than 250 organisations we’ve developed the first Resilience Strategy for Melbourne, which sets out a series of distinct, yet connected actions that will help make Melbourne a viable, sustainable, liveable and prosperous city, today and long into the future.

Leadership in all sectors of the community is essential to realise the City of Melbourne’s vision for a sustainable city. That’s why we are supporting the Banksia Awards, to profile and support leadership in our community towards sustainable cities.

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Sponsor of the Banksia Leadership in the Circular Economy Award

At Cleanaway, we believe that environmental sustainability and business have a beautiful future together. While waste may seem like an ordinary part of everyday life, it has extraordinary potential. We see all waste as a resource, and use our facilities and processes to transform it into valuable commodities for every sector, industry and community. Whether it’s reducing, reusing, recycling, recovering or repurposing – by recovering these extraordinary raw resources and ‘closing the loop’, we are proud to be making a sustainable future possible.

Visit Cleanaway’s Sustainability page here.

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Sponsors of the Banksia Sustainable and Resilient Communities Award.

IAG is Australia’s largest general insurance company and is passionate about its purpose: we make your world a safer place. Since 1851, our businesses and more than 15,000 employees have been helping people, communities and businesses recover from natural disasters, accidents and loss across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Increasingly, we see our role extending beyond paying claims to increasing awareness of risk, and helping communities reduce and prevent risk. We believe it is our responsibility as an industry leader to use our influence and role as a major investor, purchaser and employer for the good of everyone.

We work tirelessly to mitigate risk undermining the resilience and sustainability of our communities and economy. We especially focus our efforts on “prevention, rather than cure” to improve our nation’s resilience to natural disasters. We do this from the policy levels — through our founding partner status with the Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience & Safer Communities — to the grassroots community resilience initiatives with partners such as the State Emergency Service.

That’s why IAG is proud to sponsor the 2016 Banksia Sustainable & Resilient Communities Award. We look forward to celebrating the incredible accomplishments of this year’s entrants in enhancing the sustainability of their respective communities.


Sponsor of the Banksia Innovator of the Year Award

Our future depends on us all acting in a sustainable way and thinking creatively about how we impact our environment and our communities. Mirvac’s plan is to continue to work with our staff, clients and partners to help create that future. We’ve come a long way, but we have a lot more to do. In 2014 we launched our plan for a sustainable future, This Changes Everything.

This Changes Everything comprises four interconnected areas of focus:  Re-imagining Resources, Shaping the Future of Place, Enriching Communities and Smarter Thinking.

We have decided upon a mission for each of these key areas. Most are bold, long-term goals, and we’re still not certain exactly how we’ll go about achieving them. But we have made some more immediate, tangible commitments that will help us start the journey.

Our journey is built on the understanding that change happens every day and tomorrow’s winners are those who plan today. Urbanisation changes how we build cities, demographics how we use them and innovation changes the pace of change itself. To embrace change is to question how we do everything, always looking for improvements.

Mirvac continues to build on a rich history of delivering sustainable property which includes:

  • -The first solar community at Newington, Sydney
  • -The first 6 Green star shopping centre, Orion, Queensland
  • -The First 6 Green star educational building at Bond University
  • -Harmony 9 our first low carbon house
  • And more recently, our office towers at 8 Chifley Square, Sydney and 699 Bourke Street, Melbourne, both 6 Green star projects.

Mirvac understands the importance of innovation, which is why we chose to support the Banksia Foundation in celebrating sustainable innovation which will allow us all to deliver a brighter tomorrow.

Find out more at www.mirvac.com/change

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Mirvac Ranked Number 3 in Australia’s Most Innovative Companies!

Mirvac and Qantas Launch Sustainable Film Competition

Mirvac’s third place ranking was attributed to its innovation program, Hatch, and two current innovations that were submitted as part of the award: Mirvac’s use of CSR Velocity Panels which is revolutionising building in Australia and an internal workplace health and safety campaign.

Mirvac’s CEO & Managing Director, Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz commented that the BRW listing was an outstanding achievement and recognised the importance of innovation currently taking place in Mirvac.

“Being ranked number three in Australia is recognition of the work of passionate people in the business who are driving change at the front line. It’s also acknowledgement of a productive first year in which we defined our innovation strategy and launched our innovation program.

“We are delighted that BRW has recognised the great work taking place across our business,” said Ms Lloyd-Hurwitz.

See original article here

Budding film makers are invited to “nudge a neighbour to change a behaviour” with the launch of the Nudge by Mirvac Sustainable Film Competition. Mirvac, has joined forces with Qantas to promote sustainability through a short film competition designed to get people thinking, talking and learning about actions that affect our planet.

The inaugural competition takes up the theme, Reimagining Resources, with entrants required to incorporate at least one of four elements – water, waste, energy and materials.

Mirvac CEO & Managing Director Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz said she hoped Nudge by Mirvac would inspire people around Australia to think about their use of resources and change their behaviour for the good of the environment.

“We all have the power to make a difference and Nudge by Mirvac is a creative way to get people thinking and talking about sustainability,” said Ms Lloyd-Hurwitz. “As an owner, manager and developer of real estate across the country, Mirvac is deeply committed to sustainability and we have a strategy that is real and measurable, setting standards that apply to our own operations all the way through to the supply chain.

“When we adopted This Changes Everything, in 2014, we also set a target to educate 1 million people about sustainability. Nudge by Mirvac is part of our commitment to meeting that target.”

Qantas Head of Group Fuel & Environment Alan Milne said digital storytelling was a powerful way to communicate ideas and engage people of all ages.

“When you combine creativity and passion and then give it a platform, amazing things really can happen,” said Mr Milne. “Qantas is wholeheartedly behind this initiative and we look forward to seeing some fantastic films in this first year of the competition.”

The competition will be judged in two categories – Open and Student Under 18. Cool Australia, a not for profit organisation which provides curriculum-linked online resources that are free to access for teachers and students, has developed lesson plans around Nudge by Mirvac which will assist primary and second students to get involved.

Entrants are required to submit a short educational film of no more than three minutes via the competition website www.nudgebymirvac.com.au. The film can be in any genre, animation, drama, comedy, dance or musical and will be judged in two categories – Open and Student under 18.

Five shortlisted films will be chosen from each category for judging by a panel including author, media personality and member of the NSW Climate Change Council, Adam Spencer; social entrepreneur and DoSomething founder Jon Dee; Cool Australia founder and CEO Jason Kimberley; Mirvac Group General Manager, Sustainability & HSE, Paul Edwards; and Qantas Group Manager for Carbon Strategy, Megan Flynn.

Prizes include holiday packages with Qantas sustainable tourism partners Tasmanian Walking Company and Earthwatch, Qantas flights to Sydney for the screening of the winning films at the Mirvac Summer Festival in 2016 with overnight accommodation at Travelodge, digital equipment from Harvey Norman and cash.

Mr Dee, one of Australia’s best known environmental campaigners, said the commitment of major companies such as Mirvac and Qantas to sustainability, represented an important change underway in Australia.

“The environment and sustainability moved some time ago from the fringe to mainstream,” said Mr Dee. “Companies such as Mirvac and Qantas are showing leadership on this issue and taking responsibility for their own actions while encouraging others to do likewise.

“Educating people about the consequences of their behaviour is the best way to achieve real, meaningful change and I believe Nudge by Mirvac can achieve a lot by empowering people to tell their stories and make a difference.”

Ms Lloyd-Hurwitz encouraged people young and old, professional and amateur, to use the film competition to “Nudge a neighbour to change a behaviour”.

“If we convince just one person to make positive change we can make a difference,” said Ms Lloyd-Hurwitz. “The emotional power of film has the ability to reach many more people and we will provide the platform for these creative efforts to be seen and heard.”

All films that meet the competition criteria will be uploaded to a dedicated You Tube channel and the winning films screened on Qantas in-flight entertainment and on big screens at Mirvac Summer Festival events in early 2016.

The competition is now open and entries can be submitted via the official website, nudgebymirvac.com.au until the closing date of 26 October 2015, with the winners announced on 20 November 2015.

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Sponsor of the Banksia Natural Capital Award

Taking a sustainable approach to managing our business is not just important for the environment; it’s essential for the long-term growth and resilience of our organisation. That’s why we’re committed to understanding and managing our environmental aspects and impacts and dependencies of our business.

We recognise that addressing environmental challenges like climate change, resource scarcity and natural capital loss and degradation is crucial. And, as regulations evolve and markets change, we understand that the relationships with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, as well as our growth as an organisation, will depend in part on how we manage our environmental impact.

Our environmental agenda incorporates strategies covering:

  • Climate Change – we recognise the direct impact our operations can have on the environment and the impact climate change can have on our business
  • Resource Efficiency – we recognise increased competition for scarce natural resources has the potential to constrain economic growth and affect operational costs
  • Natural Value – we recognise biodiversity and ecosystem services are essential to sustaining human wellbeing and we acknowledge that they need to be better understood, and valued appropriately, so companies can determine associated risks and opportunities

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NSW Government- Office of Environment and Heritage

Sponsor of the Banksia Large Business Sustainability Leadership Award

Sustainability is at the core of the Office of Environment and Heritage’s organisational values. We have been implementing some great internal sustainability projects for years such as solar PV on national parks offices, energy efficient lighting upgrades, onsite worm farms, increasingly sustainable transport, soft plastics recycling and even donating laptops to rangers in developing countries. We started work in September 2014 on a new sustainability strategy to refocus our efforts. Actions taken as part of our sustainability strategy will reduce our waste, water, and power use, delivering positive outcomes for our environment.  This way of working will reduce our costs and build a more resilient and productive organisation.

Our sustainability strategy is the map that guides us to a more sustainable future for our environment, our communities and ourselves. Each of us at the Office of Environment and Heritage will have a part to play in making the strategy a reality.


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Sponsor of the Banksia Mindful Movement Award

RACV and Sustainability
The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) has existed since 1903 as a mutual organisation focused on servicing members’ needs and delivering member value.

The Community
RACV speaks on behalf of members on a range of motoring and related issues, and ensures that its statements are relevant, well-researched, independent and apolitical.

The Environment
RACV has adopted an Environmental Management Framework under which it:

  • advocates to encourage more environmentally sustainable transport
  • assists members to reduce their environmental impact
  • ensures that RACV is environmentally responsible in the conduct of its business
  • assists the wider community to help the environment.

RACV is committed to providing a safe, fair and stimulating work environment.

Privacy and Use of Confidential Information
RACV complies with the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act.

Fair Trading
RACV competes fairly for business, respecting the rights of other parties.

RACV is conscious of its obligations to comply with all relevant legislation.

RACV’s full Corporate Social Responsibility statement can be found here: http://www.racv.com.au

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