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The Banksia Category Awards reflect the sustainability issues most relevant to Australia coming into the 21st Century.
It is the seal of environmental excellence.

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How to Enter a Banksia Award


General Eligibility Entry Fee

2014 Banksia Sustainability Awards:

The Banksia Awards comprise 11 Category Awardsand the Environment Minister's Cleaner Environment Awardto choose from in 2014.

The entry system provides you with the technical information and criteria for all Banksia Awards. Entrants for these Awards can be individuals, not-for-profit organisations, community groups, governments, businesses and corporations.

In some instances your project, initiative or achievement may be eligible for one or more awards. We encourage you to carefully review all awards to see if you are eligible for more than one opportunity.

Note: each category is a separate application, therefore has differing requirements and is an additional cost.

If you need some assistance in choosing the award/s best suited to your initiative, contact Banksia.

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2014 Category Awards

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Category Award
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Large Business Sustainability Leadership

recognises a large business that has demonstrated leadership by fully integrating sustainable principles and practices into operational business activities, reducing the organisation's footprint and adding value to society.

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Small to Medium Business Sustainability Leadership

recognises a business that demonstrates leadership by fully integrating sustainability principles and practices into operational business activities and reducing the organisation's footprint. Also demonstrating societal value adds through its practices.

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Local Government Sustainability

recognises demonstrated leadership and innovation in removing climate, wastes and water impacts through the development and application of innovations that use new approaches, technologies and/or energy systems for business and community benefit.

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Innovation in Social Infrastructure > $100 Million

recognises the entry that best demonstrates leadership and innovation by integrating sustainable principles and practices in the design, construction and retrofitting of buildings and infrastructure projects.

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Leadership in Citizenship and Communities

recognises a group or individual that has demonstrated strong local capacity building and implementation of locally relevant solutions, measurably enhancing the long-term social, economic and environmental status of their community.

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Sustainable Water Management

recognises demonstrated leadership and innovation in assuring continued environment and community access, both today and by future generations, to quality freshwater resources and vibrant marine environments.

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Natural Capital

recognises demonstrated leadership and innovation in the sustainable management of renewable resources (agricultural crops, vegetation, wildlife) and non-renewable resources (fossil fuels and mineral deposits).

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Innovator of the Year

recognises an individual (or team) that has best demonstrated innovation in taking an initiative from a concept, through collaborative research and the quick adoption of the findings, to making the concept a commercial reality.

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Education for Sustainability

recognises leadership and achievement in raising awareness and understanding of sustainability issues and promoting tangible change in values and behaviour in support of sustainability.

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Product Sustainability – through design, manufacture and use

recognises outstanding achievement in improving sustainability through the design, manufacture and commercial application of a product/s. It includes new products as well as improvements in process or design that improve the sustainability of existing products.

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Indigenous Leadership for Sustainability

recognises demonstrated leadership and innovation in the care of land and waterways, capacity building of the local community and enhancing long-term economic growth.

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Banksia Gold Award

From all the Banksia Award Winners - this award is presented to one of the individuals or organisations which, in the judges' opinion, has made an overall outstanding contribution to Australia's sustainability - worthy of extra recognition and acknowledgement.

[No application necessary - this is judged separately]

Learn more about 2013 Banksia Gold Award Winner

2014 Banksia Additional Awards

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Banksia Additional Awards

Australian Government Crest

Environment Minister's Award for Cleaner Environment

recognises outstanding contributions by Australians towards achieving a cleaner, healthier environment and a more resilient and sustainable Australia.

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Banksia International Award

Identifies and celebrate extraordinary individuals or organisations that have made, or are making, a significant contribution to improve our environment or promote sustainability on a global level.

[No application necessary - this is judged separately]

Learn more about 2013 International Award Winner

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The Richard Pratt – Banksia CEO Award

This award recognises, and further encourages more Australian leaders to take on innovative practices that will make a difference to our future as Richard Pratt has done.

Learn more

How to Enter a Banksia Award

Review: The 2014 Banksia Awards categories and criteria selection.

Decide: Which Award to enter, remember you can enter more than one category (separate entries are required for each submission and have an additional cost)

Eligibility: Make sure that you are eligible (see general eligibility)

Fees: Check the Banksia Category Award entry fees.

Dates: Make sure you are familiar with the Award timelines.

, register to access the Award Entry System.

[This allows you access to submit and entry into the Banksia Awards. Gains you access to download your submission requirements, criteria, payment form, entry fees and terms and conditions. You receive a username and password and can log back on at any time before submissions close.]

Second, register for our email newsletter

[This keeps you updated on any changes, deadlines and important information throughout the year.]

General Eligibility

Your initiative must have recent significance, with results shown over the last two years. The initiative must be primarily undertaken in Australia, or must be shown to have a substantial environmental impact in Australia. The organisation or individual must not have been prosecuted for a violation of any environmental, social or commercial law in Australia or overseas in the past 12 months.

Useful Tips

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