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Apr 19
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child_gardens2As a community we need knowledge and tools to help us substantially reduce the ecological footprint of our urban environment. The Sustainable Landscapes Project set itself the task of changing attitudes and behaviours, plans and processes to improve the health and resilience of our urban landscapes. Developing a new body of knowledge and practice has led to tangible results, changing thinking and behaviour and practice, making a real difference on the ground. Through collaborative partnerships we have brought together many of the key players working in urban landscape planning, development, horticulture and education. The project has become a leader, an advocate, an innovator and a passionate agent for positive change. It delivers an integrated and holistic approach based on research and knowledge that can be applied by every level of the community. Our vision is of Australians living in healthy, resilient and beautiful landscapes that sustain and connect people with plants and places. The Project has achieved remarkable success, creating lasting and sustainable change in policy and practice across South Australia.


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