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Apr 17
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Magda Szubanski

Like all Australians I’m concerned about our precious environment and the impact of climate change. At times I have been overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem.

When I took part in the 2007 Banksia Awards Presentation, I was filled with great hope. What a lot of Australians are unaware of is that this country is filled with amazing creative people who are working hard to contribute to the solution.

What the Banksia Environmental Foundations does through its award program, is provide an avenue where these various individuals, community groups and organisations have an opportunity to shine. That’s important because through this sort of recognition they can continue their work because of the doors it opens, the networks it creates and additional resources it can provide.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be a Banksia Ambassador and lend my support to a program that applauds environmental innovation and excellence in Australia, helping us all to learn a little bit more about what is possible.

What I have come to understand is that if we all accept that we need to change a little we can make it happen. It’s all about the change we need to embrace.

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