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Product Sustainability – through design, manufacture and use

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Closed Loop is committed to supporting activities that promote the protection of our environment. The Banksia Environmental Foundation achieves this by recognising those organisations that proactively ensure their operations are not carried out in a way that compromises our landscape.

Closed Loop's approach to resource recovery and waste management is based on the principle of controlling material inputs to maximise recycling and recovery of materials, minimise waste to landfill whilst greatly reducing an organisations environmental footprint.

This material lifecycle approach enables Closed Loop to deliver clients with significant environmental performance improvements whilst at the same time providing financial, operational, marketing and food safety benefits.

Closed Loop helps organisations divert waste from landfill now by

  • Providing organic waste recycling machines for on-site operation
  • Installing mobile material sorting facilities for events and remote locations
  • Sourcing recyclable packaging that can be easily recaptured and re-used
  • A team of experienced cleaning staff that aim to recycle as much material as possible from any sized site

Closed Loop helps reduce future waste to landfill by

  • Undertaking waste audits to identify composition and areas for improvement
  • Effective resource (waste) management programs that find the best suppliers and divert the most waste
  • Designing staff and stakeholder communications to help engender the right behaviour and outcomes

With operations in Australia and Europe, Closed Loop can assist you achieve environmental best practice and cost savings.

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