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Apr 19
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Built Environment - Harmonious Manmade Landscapes Category Award

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Closed Loop is committed to supporting activities that promote the protection of our environment.  The Banksia Environmental Foundation achieves this by recognising those organisations that proactively ensure their operations are not carried out in a way that compromises our landscape.

Closed Loop is responsible for the provision of goods, which are collected after use, recycled and remanufactured into new end use products.  This holistic approach enables Closed Loop to deliver clients with significant environmental performance improvements whilst at the same time providing financial, operational, marketing and food safety benefits. 
To date, Closed Loop and its partners have achieved considerable environmental and financially beneficial results in the entertainment, education, commercial food, airline and hospital industries. Closed Loop's experience and expertise with this proven, award winning model has also lead to the development of closed loop recycling programs overseas.  In 2004 Closed Loop established a subsidiary company in London: Closed Loop London.  Closed Loop London will focus on the development of comprehensive recycling supply chains incorporating the collection and reprocessing of recyclable materials and the procurement of recycled content and resource efficient products, working in partnership with a variety of end user markets. Closed Loop London will design and implement closed loop recycling programmes and help drive the UK to the forefront of environmental best practice in Europe.

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