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2002 Banksia Infrastructure and Services Award

   2002 Banksia Infrastructure and Services Award

The Alcoa Portland SPL Treatment Process, VIC

All aluminium smelters create a hazardous waste known as Spent Pot Lining (SPL) that contains cyanide and fluoride. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of SPL have been stockpiled around the world, because there has been no satisfactory and economic way to dispose of it. Portland Aluminium has worked on this problem since 1989 and has developed a unique process that recovers most of the fluoride in the SPL so that it can be re-used in making aluminium. The treatment also destroys the cyanide and generates a harmless slag that can be used as road fill and for other commercial purposes.


  • Melbourne Water
  • Resource NSW – Going for Zero
  • South Australian Housing Trust – New Haven
  • Western Power Corporation