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National Green Power Accreditation Program- Department of Energy Utilities and Sustainability, NSW

More that 90% of Australia’s electricity currently comes from fossil fuel fired power stations, with around 10% coming from renewable sources. Energy use in Australia accounts for around 68% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions making it by far the largest contributor to our greenhouse gas emissions .

Since its inception in 1997, sales of Green Power through the National Green Power Accreditation Program have reduced greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation by around 2.75 million tonnes.

The program aims to drive investment in renewable energy in Australia, increasing the sustainability of Australia’s electricity supply. This involves raising awareness of, and ensuring consumer confidence in, accredited renewable energy products, and increasing their uptake.  There are now over ¼ million households and businesses voluntarily participating in the Green Power program delivering a 17% upside on the Australian Government’s Mandatory Renewable Energy Target.


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