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Currie Sewage Treatment Wetlands- King Island Council in partnership with Syrinx Environmental P/L, TAS

This project demonstrates that tertiary sewage treatment using a relatively simple wetland system is an environmentally and economically sustainable solution for small communities throughout Australia.  While there was some initial community concern with the wetland location adjacent to the township of Currie and in view of nearby residences, a motel and restaurant, the project has demonstrated that by integrating a passive system with the surrounding natural environment, these systems can enhance rather than detract from the aesthetics of an area.  The Currie Sewage Treatment Wetlands, commissioned early this year, provide passive treatment of wastewater in a coastal dune setting.  It has provided an innovative and sustainable solution to the treatment of wastewater for this small residential community and represent a technique which could potentially be applied throughout Australia.  As well as contributing to the landscape aesthetic and habitat values of the environment they provide an opportunity to meet the requirements of authorities without the need to construct highly sophisticated and expensive systems.


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