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Photo: Riki Gunn, the Ghost Nets Program Coordinator holding the Banksia Award Trophy


Millmerran Power Project- InterGen in partnership with Marubeni Corporation, Tohoku Electric Power Co. Inc., GE Energy Financial Services, Energy Investors Funds (EIF) Group, QLD

Water conservation is one of the most important issues facing Australia and the world and the Millmerran Power Project,  located in S/W Queensland, is at the forefront of its industry in reducing its impact on water resources.  Leading edge environmental innovations to protect surface water and groundwater resources have resulted in the saving of approximately 15 ML per day along with:
• air cooling reducing water consumption by 90%;
• utilising recycled water supplied from Wetalla Sewage Treatment Plant for;
• no water taken from surface water or groundwater resources;
• all run off water retained and reused on site, via a system of drainage channels and dams; and
• fully enclosed conveyors over creeks reduced the risk of fugitive dust emissions and spillages into Back Creek.
The $1.5 billion Project is an 840 Mw base-load power is among the most efficient power producers in Australia playing a vital role in supplying reliable, low-cost electricity to customers in Queensland and beyond.


  • Coastal CRCs Wetland Science-Into-Policy Project
CRC for Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway Management – QLD
  • First International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC 1)
IMPAC 1 Organising Committee In Partnership with Parks Victoria, Great Barrier Reef Park Authority, World Conservation Union, World Commission on Protected Areas, Australian Department of Environment and Heritage, Australian Fisheries Management Authority– VIC
  • Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Education, Innovation and Sustainability
Townsville City Council – QLD