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2007 Banksia Education Award

   2007 Banksia Education Award

GreenHome- Australian Conservation Foundation, NSW

The Australian Conservation Foundation’s GreenHome program is a community education program that targets householders from urban areas and assists them to reduce their environmental footprint in their home and lifestyle.   Since January 2005, hundreds of behaviour changes have been made by the 2917 participants on the program – from shorter showers to better food choices to sustainable home design. Significant environmental benefits include 116 ML of water saved (equivalent to 116 Olympic sized swimming pools full of water),   6880 tonnes of greenhouse gas saved (equivalent to taking 1370 cars off the road) and 510 kilo litres of waste saved (equivalent to 2123 wheelie bins full of waste).

The GreenHome program is delivered in the following ways:

  • 6 month face to face workshop series
  • One day expos focusing on a certain topic. E.g. renovations and design or sustainable eating
  • Online GreenHome challenge
  • GreenHome segments on free to air and pay TV
  • GreenHome Train the Trainer program


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