UNSW Solar Racing Team Sunswift
UNSW Solar Racing Team Sunswift, NSW

We at Sunswift are a team of undergraduate students at the University of New South Wales who build and race the world’s most advanced solar cars. We aim to push the boundaries of solar technology in order to inspire interest and action in sustainability. We are all volunteers who work tirelessly to redefine the possibilities of sustainable transport.

In 2012, we set out to design a solar car that would be more practical than traditional solar cars. We wanted to lead the shift from concept cars to real cars people can drive. In 2013, we raced this vehicle across Australia in the World Solar Challenge, achieving 1st across the line. In 2014 we broke a 26-year-old FIA World Record for the fastest electric vehicle over 500km. We proved that electric vehicles could travel for long distances at high speeds and achieved a viral level of media success as a result.

Now in 2015, we’ve redesigned eVe to become the first road legal solar car in the Southern Hemisphere. eVe is arguably the only “road-legal” solar car globally to be manufactured to commercial vehicle standards, as all road legal vehicles in Australia must comply with the stringent Australian Design Rules.

Our aim is to demonstrate the viability of solar cars so the technology can one day be commercialised. On this journey, we interact with the general public through events and media to inspire further development and innovation in sustainable technology.