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2016 Banksia Gold Award

John West Australia: Committed to a sustainable seafood future, VIC


After changing our tuna supply chain to the world’s best standard in sustainability, John West Australia faced another challenge. We had to get Australians to understand what we had done, and see value in the move. Until we did, consumers were unlikely to change their purchasing behaviour. To understand how to best change consumers’ behaviour and attitudes around sustainability, our agency Cummins&Partners looked to consumer psychology and principles of social marketing. The John West Australia MSC campaign launched on the February 3, 2016 and was in market until end April 2016. Market research tracking was in market from March 18 to April 8, 2016 (n=600). John West Australia remains committed to a sustainability framework that will positively continue to help ensure we have health oceans forever. We will continue to lead in investment in agitation and communication to increase awareness of the plight of the oceans, how consumers can make a difference by shopping smarter and raising awareness for MSC. Our sourcing of MSC continues into 2016/17 including moving our Tongal slices to MSC Yellowfin, sourcing MSC Mackerel and as Alaskan salmon moves to MSC our range of MSC products will grow