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Warddeken Land Management Ltd, NT

Warddeken Land Management are an entirely indigenous owned and driven not-for-profit delivering innovative and effective whole-of-community programs that work towards achieving nine Sustainable Development Goals whilst advancing the overall environmental, cultural and social sustainability of remote Western Arnhem Land.

In a part of Australia where low unemployment and intergenerational poverty are ubiquitous, Warddeken has implemented a holistic approach to the delivery of cultural and environmental conservation programs that has led to profound and enduring change across the region.

In the last 18 months Warddeken has evolved from its origins as a conservation and land management organisation to become a dual environmental and social enterprise. This has been in response to the needs and aspirations of our members and local communities, who wished to see Warddeken take a more holistic approach to managing the Warddeken IPA.

Warddeken’s overall approach to managing our IPA now addresses such issues as: gender and disability equality in the workforce; overcoming long-term unemployment and striving to eliminate poverty through the provision of meaningful work; delivery of education in communities where children do not have access to schooling; ensuring food security in remote communities; and enhancing the physical and mental wellbeing of our Indigenous workforce through improving environmental health standards in communities, delivering projects that reconnect families to their ancestral lands, and acting as a conduit between community members, health professionals and service providers.

Marking a major achievement in the history of the company, in late 2015 Warddeken established a bicultural community-based school and early childhood education program at Kabulwarnamyo. Children from this community had not previously had access to education

In the last financial year alone Warddeken engaged over 230 local indigenous people, ran projects that involved 78 children or youth, and provided workplace training for over 50 staff. Given how sparsely populated the region is, Warddeken programs are reaching a large percentage of the inhabitants of remote West Arnhem.

Other results include:
• Employment of 230+ local Indigenous people injecting >$1.7 million into the regional economy
• Women comprise 42% of the workforce and 36% of all hours worked (up from 18%)
• >552,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions abated through flagship fire management program in the last two years alone
• Provision of fortnightly food planes, delivering the only incoming source of food and allowing communities to access healthy, fresh produce
• Directly contributing to stable or increasing populations at three communities
• Biodiversity protection through implementing broad scale feral animal culling and protective burning programs

Warddeken has an unwavering commitment to sustainability – to the sustainability of the biodiversity and ecosystems of the Arnhem plateau our rangers care for and to the unique languages and culture of the people of the stone country. The last two years have seen us grow to become a regional change-maker, driving social and economic sustainability and making real progress towards achieving many UN Sustainable Development Goals.