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d’Arcy Lunn – Teaspoons of Change, SA

Teaspoons of Change are small but significant ideas and actions that have a positive impact on people and the planet. d’Arcy Lunn created this concept while walking 1000km in Japan in 2014 and it is now used in many countries around the world and in Australia influencing positive change.

d’Arcy is a global citizenship educator who has been a global nomad for the past 18 years in over 90 countries. He is also a campaigner, advocate, communications specialist, educator and keynote speaker and presenter having given more than 850 presentations and workshops to over 80,000 people. d’Arcy has possibly given more global citizen presentations in Australia than anyone else in the past 10 years.

From the safe confides of growing up in rural South Australia, d’Arcy has purposely sought out experiences and learning opportunities to continually become a more active and effective global citizen each day – and he loves waking up in the morning, even Mondays!

The three most difficult questions commonly asked of d’Arcy are – what is your job, where do you live and how do you get paid? He has no easy answers to these but lives a life of passion and purpose to see equality and sustainability for people and the planet everywhere, and for everyone.

Teaspoons of Change is not a guilt-trip, moral bashing or charity it is a positive approach to looking at the personal choices, decisions and actions we can all take, on a daily basis, to create positive change. A key element to Teaspoons of Change and d’Arcy’s approach is the context of the universal framework of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Each and every Teaspoon of Change connects to the Global Goals and it is with that knowledge, connection and engagement that we can all make small actions and multiply them by lots of people to create the change needed to achieve the 2030 agenda of the Global Goals.

Teaspoons of Change has reached audiences from 5-90 years old and in schools, businesses and government. The power of the contextualisation of personal and practical ideas and actions with global impacts is just the approach needed to increase the number and effectiveness of global citizens in Australia and around the world.

As musician Michal Franti says in a lyric ‘Are you a part of the pollution or are you a part of the solution?’ well we are both and Teaspoons of Change and d’Arcy aims to minimise the pollution individually and collectively and maximise the solution – teaspoons at a time, but millions of them together!

If you are a good person doing good things, or want to be one, then d’Arcy’s mixture of information and inspiration through Teaspoons of Change and the Global Goals is just what is needed to see more sustainability in the world and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Learn more on Teaspoons of Change and d’Arcy at http://teaspoonsofchange.org