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Fun Over Fifty, QLD

Fun Over Fifty (FOF) is a multi-award winning, sustainable tour company operating luxury coach, rail, cruise and air holidays to travellers over 50 years of age, operating with 14 full-time equivalent staff. FOF’s vision is to be recognised as the most sustainable tour operator in Australia and to lead a more sustainable industry. FOF believe preserving, protecting and financially supporting local communities, charities and environmental causes is critical to the success of the business and the future of the destinations travelled to, and as such they donate a portion of tour income to regions visited. FOF are leading by example and setting new benchmarks for the industry through a wide range of key partnerships including Ecotourism Australia, Greenfleet Australia, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC), accommodation providers and communities. They are also constantly collaborating with regional and local tourism bodies for new experiences and opportunities.

FOF are Climate Action Leaders and accredited by Ecotourism Australia – only 13 tourism operators nationwide have this accreditation. 40 of their tours have Eco Certification and 72 have Advanced Eco Certification, the company now holding the record for the most certified tours. The FOF Our People and Planet Program is a framework designed with the 4P’s forefront of mind, these being: People (Community), Planet (Environment), Progress (Innovation) and Profit (Financial). The program sustains initiatives such as – Green Guest Policy, Being seen being green, The Green Bank, Small change for a change, Green Getaways, Helping Hand Holidays and the Green & Gold Army. The aim of this framework is to innovate new initiatives, scalable to all businesses, to set new benchmarks. By offering guests the Green Guest Policy, FOF are the first tour operator in Australia to proactively encourage guests to opt out of having their room servicing to be rewarded with a reduced rate for choosing the option.

FOF are proud to have 33 accommodation providers across Australia now offering this, with an increasing number joining annually and resulting in a lesser impact on the environment and their guests’ hip pocket. Through the Green Bank initiative, guests contribute prior to and whilst on tour, towards a range of environmental and social causes.

As a collective group, FOF have raised $104,772 and initiated the planting of 19,950 trees. The Green & Gold Army, made up of guests, staff and suppliers, regularly join in volunteer green missions. Staff are granted 2 ‘green leave’ days per year. FOF are proud to have been featured in the media, including David Koch’s blog on the Top 10 Sustainable Small Businesses in Australia, the Department of Environment’s Climate Action Heroes campaign, and to be influencing by being invited to keynote at multiple events, featured in lectures on ecotourism at Universities, and both QTIC and Griffith University conducting climate action studies in which they featured FOF business practices.

FOF includes 350 environmental and cultural activities in its touring programs annually and are proud to have achieved $29.5M in revenue from 2017/18 to 2018/19, with a yield of 25%.