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Arkadia by Breathe Architecture in partnership with DKO Architecture and Oculus, VIC

At its heart Arkadia is about ecological sustainability and social sustainability. DKO Architecture, Breathe Architecture and Oculus began the design process by researching a series of considerations that questioned the nature of multi-residential development in Australia.

The project is founded on three key design pillars: Community, Environment and Architecture.

Community: Arkadia is a result of considered community engagement and a holistic approach to creating a meaningful and accessible space for Alexandria locals. To strengthen community Arkadia is broken into four buildings cleverly composed to encourage neighbours to get to know one another. This is done through micro-communities with only 7-8 apartments on each level and each building being serviced by its own stair and core.

Environment: Climate change is the single biggest issue facing humanity in the 21st century. Arkadia is fossil fuel free – there is no gas plumbed into the site. The entire project is 100% electric allowing for an entirely renewable, carbon free energy source to power a highly efficient building.

Architecture: DKO + Breathe felt strongly about creating a sense of place within Arkadia. The design focuses on creating shared experiences with an integration of green space via communal areas within the building. The entire building skin is designed not just as a memory of the industrial history of the site but as a beacon to a low carbon future. Externally, Arkadia is made from recycled bricks that have been articulated with deep reveals and solar shading to the north and west with windows that allow cross ventilation while avoiding full summer sun penetration. Arkadia is one of Australia’s largest recycled brick buildings.

Arkadia heralds a new wave of large-scale residential developments that bring together the best of community, sustainability and good design.

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