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Placemaking Sandbox by The University of Melbourne and the Place Agency Consortium, VIC

Place Agency is an award-winning, innovative Placemaking knowledge sharing platform supporting industry, students, communities and governments to shape better cities connecting people to nature and country.

The program has touched many of the Sustainable Development Goals through its connection to knowledge sharing, education, cities, places, supporting innovation, connecting to water, land, ecosystems, etc.

We have connected with over 5000 people, 1000 placemakers, 900 students, developed over 20 community projects in Australia and shared our placemaking teaching resources developed with 7 universities. These teaching resources are a world-first Placemaking educational program its aim it to contribute to placemaking practice by providing a common approach to understanding concepts such as economics, engagement, governance, evaluation, digital activation, community and critically, nature and First nation’s aspects of place.

Led by University of Melbourne and in collaboration with six universities and 14 industry partners, the program is proud of the following five key outcomes and their enduring legacies:

  1. The CREATION OF A NATIONAL TERTIARY EDUCATION, open access set of teaching resources, two book publications, Placemaking Fundamentals and Placemaking Sandbox, and several journal paper publications, and presentation in several conferences to report the project outcomes to the wider discipline and community significantly contributing to the Placemaking theory and practice discourse, creating a common language and understanding of the importance of people’s agency in placemaking. A TEACHING GUIDE assists interested placemakers and educators of placemaking to adopt and implement a placemaking course. An industry-focussed shorter pragmatic delivery of these 12 modules is also in the pipeline.
  2. EMPOWERING MORE THAN 1,000 FUTURE PLACEMAKERS with the necessary technical expertise through the 50+ events and trainings delivered in the program, including nine Place summits and two Place Weeks, four Rating Place workshops, multiple celebrations of students’ works, and delivering 14 training events in national and international setting.
  3. Delivering 29 Placemaking Sandbox studios (teaching through a real project) and 2 subject intensives, educating 942 students, delivering 20 projects benefitting at least 20 different communities. These projects dealt with social issues such as: drug hotspots, stories, water, biodiversity, violence and some with multicultural connection, increasing each learner’s socio-cultural consciousness and competencies. In addition, this has also contributed to built/material outcomes from studios, attracting additional funding, such as the Newport Project which attracted $120,000 state funding + $1.2M park revitalisation; the wetland Miluni-Songline walk studio led to the design of Indigenous learning spaces at the Museum of Sydney; and the art exhibition built by students during the Installations and happening studios.
  4. Published PLACE AGENCY ONLINE KNOWLEDGE SHARING WEBSITE bringing all the co-created placemaking resources together into an online learning assemblage, to showcase 26 sandbox studios, the modules and projects, widening the program’s reach and impact. After a year of publication, the reach and impact of the online platform has almost doubled: increased by 55% in page views, 70% in sessions and 88% in users.

5. The institutionalization of several placemaking subject curriculum in higher/tertiary education including the University of Melbourne and the University of the Philippines.

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