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Resource Recovery Partnerships by World’s Biggest Garage Sale in partnership with Officeworks, QLD

World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) and Officeworks have formed a strong partnership which sees returned and imperfect products from Officeworks taken through a resource recovery process of repairing and repurposing, thereby transforming waste into saleable products.

This is part of Officeworks’ journey to become a zero-waste business. Officeworks are committed to selling quality home and office furniture, but inevitably there is a small amount that may be unfit for sale due to damage incurred whilst in transit that would typically need to be disposed of in the landfill bin. As a part of their sustainability and community strategy, Positive Difference Plan 2025, which sets commitments to reduce the company’s environmental impact, they were looking for solutions that would enable their team to divert these products from landfill.

It has been a perfect fit with World’s Biggest Garage Sale, whose mission is to activate the circular economy and dormant goods for good as a way to make purposeful profit that creates a positive impact on people and the planet.

To date, WBGS has delivered $2.2-million of social value to the global economy by diverting 4.3-million kgs of potential landfill which has also preserved close to 1-billion litres of water and prevented 594-thousand kgs of CO2 from entering Earth’s atmosphere through the decreased demand on our natural resources that production and consumption requires.

The partnership between Officeworks and WBGS has taken product stewardship and resource recovery to the next level, it uniquely demonstrates how major national retailers can partner with small social enterprises to mutually benefit both stakeholders while deepening each business’ connection to the local community, and giving them the power to create even greater change and impact for the circular economy and Sustainable Development Goals.

As Market Makers, WBGS are doing the “hard stuff”, activating dormant goods long before they go to landfill and also seeing the value in what others typically consider waste and demonstrating there is a consumer market ready for this.

This partnership is ground-breaking in its dynamic, goals and the broader impact it has created. In addition to diverting potential landfill, revolutionising people’s relationship with stuff, and having positive social and environmental impact, the partnership and support of Officeworks has helped WBGS grow.

As a result, the business has created job opportunities for marginalised and vulnerable Australians. 50% of WBGS’ workforce is now made up of vulnerable Australians. This gives vulnerable members of our community the chance to upskill, feel valued and like they belong to a part of a movement.

Together Officeworks and WBGS are literally taking (potential waste) and giving it a new lift that is distributed across the entire community.

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