March 17, 2020

Medium business: thinking big and small

Download Press Release Medium business: thinking big and small While often grouped with small business as part of the “SME” cohort, medium business has its own important part to play in sustainable development. If small business is the roots of sustainability, with its capacity for impact control, and large business is the treetop, able to scale its impact and influence over others, then medium business is the trunk. Sturdy,with its own power, medium business draws its strength from combining the abilities of small and large business to control direct impacts and influence actions within the value chain. As the corporate world seeks to navigate an uncertain operating landscape carved out by the globalisation of supply chains and resource scarcity, medium business stands in good stead with its creativity and innovation, a highrisk-tolerance and an entrepreneurial mindset that embraces change and collaboration. Like small business, medium business enjoys a close connection...
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