About Us

About Us

Every year The Banksia Foundation discovers new possibilities, and it is our mission to recognise and acknowledge these. Our team work closely with award winners, judges, sponsors, and partners to educate and inform Australians about the positive effects of sustainable actions.

Banksia collaborates with government, business, and community to create awards, events, and programs that promote sustainable solutions.

Part of why Banksia exists is to show what is possible when individuals and organisations focus on positive environmental and social outcomes. As the world continues to evolve, global sustainability is non-negotiable.

We encourage a greater focus on innovation through the Banksia Ignite platform by engaging and uniting leaders across Australia to resolve specific sustainability issues relevant to their business.

No matter how big or small, everyone has an opportunity to create change and make an impact.

Our History

The Banksia Foundation was established in 1989 by a group of passionate people, recognising community members for their positive contributions to social and environmental sustainability initiatives. Today we receive national and international recognition as champions of sustainability across multiple industry sectors.


The Banksia Environmental Foundation was formed.


The first Banksia International Award was presented to the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The inaugural Gold Banksia Award was first presented.


The Prime Minister of Australia accepted the position of Chief Patron of the Banksia Awards, and we expanded to include the Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year Award.


The Banksia Ignite Platform was launched.


The Banksia Finalists Presentation event was launched.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are introduced to form the basis of The Banksia Sustainability Awards.


Our first virtual awards presentation event was hosted online from Melbourne across Australia.

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