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Agriculture and Food Award

 2009 Agriculture and Food Award

Giving Vegemite a Sustainable Future


As an industry leading organisation, we have a responsibility to implement sustainable change, working with our partners, suppliers, customers and consumers to create a safer, more sustainable environment and community.
In a time of increased social and economic uncertainty, it is essential that everyday food products deliver real value.  In our view, real value can mean nutrition, enjoyment, indulgence and/or a combination of all three, and regardless of these attributes it must be built upon sound sustainable principles and supply chain integrity.

Vegemite, our hero brand (which had its highest production year in 2008), was a logical starting point for our sustainability journey.  We have worked tirelessly to ensure sustainable production of Vegemite for years to come.

Following in-depth and innovative re-development of the Vegemite process, we have projected by end-of-2009:
• Reduced waste water by over 65%
• Reduced energy consumption by over 52%
• Environmental savings of over $1 million