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National Categories

National Categories


Entries to the Banksia Awards are now closed! Entries open mid 2024.

Please download your chosen category’s corresponding entry kit. The entry kit will guide you through the category criteria and application structure, as well as the entry and judging process.

Agriculture and Regional Development Award

The Agriculture and Regional Development Award celebrates innovators in sustainable agriculture and regional development. It honours individuals, organisations, and communities driving resilient agricultural systems, promoting sustainability in rural areas, and addressing social and economic challenges. Recognising their commitment to food security, biodiversity preservation, and climate change mitigation, as well as addressing social and economic challenges in regional areas.

Circular Economy Award

The Circular Economy Award celebrates excellence in circular product innovation and/or incorporating circularity in sustainable business leadership. Successful entrants will have pushed for a more circular system and/or adopted technology, initiatives or projects or partnerships that have unleashed circular solutions in line with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation definition of a circular economy.

Climate Technology Impact Award

The Climate Technology Impact Award celebrates outstanding achievements in addressing the challenges posed by climate change. This award recognises start-ups and/or scale-up business who have lab-proven innovative technologies that has the potential of significantly addressing climate change mitigation, adaptation, or resilience. Some examples of technological innovation include, but are not limited to renewable energy, energy efficiency, land and agriculture, powerfuels including hydrogen, built environment and digital innovation such as smart grid enhancement.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award celebrates organisations championing diversity and inclusion in all facets of their operations and initiatives. Recognising efforts to promote representation and inclusivity across multiple dimensions, including gender, race, age, religion, culture, abilities and more. This award celebrates those making significant contributions to fostering a diverse and equitable workplace and society.

Healthy Planet, Healthy People Award

The Healthy Planet, Healthy People Award celebrates significant contributions to supporting the health of the planet to improve human health and wellbeing. It considers the importance of addressing environmental factors to optimise human health. This award acknowledges holistic integration of a healthy planet, healthy people into innovative practices or solutions.

Large Business Sustainable Leadership Award

The Large Business Sustainable Leadership Award celebrates exceptional commitment and achievements in integrating sustainable practices across its operations (including governance). It sets ambitious sustainability goals, implements innovative strategies, engages stakeholders, reduces environmental impact, promotes social responsibility, and contributes to a more sustainable future working towards its SDG targets.

Marketing and Communications for Impact Award

The Marketing and Communications for Impact Award celebrates initiatives that demonstrate exceptional creativity and innovation in marketing and / or communication while effectively conveying sustainability messages. The entries in this category must successfully engage stakeholders and drive behaviour change, ultimately generating positive environmental and social impacts.

Nature Positive Award

The Nature Positive Award celebrates achievements in conservation, habitat restoration, and species protection. It recognises individuals, organisations and initiatives leading the way in sustainable management practices, ecosystem rehabilitation, and innovative research and technology for preserving biodiversity. This prestigious accolade highlights their remarkable contributions to safeguarding and promoting the richness of nature.

Net Zero Action Award

The Net Zero Action Award celebrates organisations driving net zero action through embodying a comprehensive sustainability approach within their organisation. This award recognises achieving emission reduction across scopes 1-3, resource conservation and waste management, honouring those showcasing urgency, transparency, and meaningful investments in achieving a net zero future.

Placemaking Award

The Placemaking Award celebrates infrastructure and built environment projects that prioritise sustainability and resilience through innovative design and practices. These initiatives demonstrate resource conservation, energy efficiency, circularity, renewable energy adoption, and biodiversity regeneration, while emphasising social sustainability, inclusivity, mobility, well-being, and community engagement.

Responsible Supply Award

The Responsible Supply Award celebrates initiatives that have implemented robust systems and strategies that assess, measure, address and improve human rights within an organisation’s supply chains in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

SME Sustainable Leadership Award

The SME Sustainable Leadership Award recognises outstanding achievements by small and medium enterprises that integrate sustainability principles and practices into their business activities. Whether for-profit or purpose-driven, this award celebrates the alignment of business values with the SDGs and showcases the positive outcomes of sustainable practices.

Sustainable Leadership in the eCommerce Industry Award

The Sustainable Leadership in the eCommerce Industry Award celebrates innovative online and/or multichannel retailers that are driving sustainability across their value chain. From emissions reduction to packaging circularity, product innovation, and ethical sourcing, this award recognises those who are leading the way in sustainable practices. Applicants must be an Australian-based for-profit online and/or multi-channel retailer with an eCommerce element.

Sustainable Tourism Award

The Sustainable Tourism category recognises outstanding organisations, destinations, and businesses in the tourism industry that prioritise environmental conservation and have demonstrated a commitment to minimising their ecological footprint, promoting responsible travel and visitor education, supporting local communities, and preserving natural and cultural heritage.


Winning the Banksia Foundation’s prestigious Net Zero Leadership Award is a fitting acknowledgement of our team’s relentless focus on sustainable solutions and highlights our continued commitment to accelerating the transition towards global net zero emissions. We are proud to stand alongside equally passionate organisations, large and small, and from a variety of industries, who have been recognised as national sustainability leaders.”

Andrew Lockhart, Managing Partner, Metrics Credit Partners, winner of the Net Zero Leadership Award 2023

Receiving this esteemed award symbolises the meaningful impact we made in the realm of sustainable tourism and is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire team. Winning the Award was a significant milestone and reinforced that we are on the right path in our pursuit of eco-friendly initiatives and validates our vision that a small family business can embrace sustainable practices.”

Passions of Paradise, winner of the Sustainable Tourism Award 2023

“Winning the prestigious Banksia Award Community and Charity 2020 has been just the boost that MK needed. It has reinvigorated our small team and our supporters, but more importantly it has shone a spotlight on the young people who are the drivers of all MK programs. The award has legitimised our process by validating the projects developed by our young people to make the world a better place. Young people can make a difference with the right support and mentoring.”

Catrina Aniere, Millennium kids, winner of the Community and Charity Award, and People’s Choice Award 2020

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