About Banksia Ignite

Banksia Ignite is a national initiative that will bring together businesses and corporations working with an innovation lens in improving their way forward in the way they run their business.

With 33 years of experience of running the Banksia Sustainability Awards, the Banksia Foundation, through Banksia Ignite, aims to develop an engaging face to the Sustainable Development Goals so that they become the platform of action and accomplishment throughout Australia.

Banksia Ignite will ensure we are recognising the innovators of our nation who are inspiring us to act further.


Banksia will work with you to:

  • Develop senior management ownership through working together to scope your specific challenge.
  • Build a team from within your business to define the challenge and how we approach it.
  • Engage your target audience and educate them how your business is embracing sustainability through an interactive on-line platform. A place where they can share innovative ideas to solve your nominated challenge with the prospect of winning the challenge and being able to work with you to implement and further develop the solution.
  • Analyse the provided solutions to select the best. An expert team will review all solutions to recognise and celebrate the best of these initiatives.
  • Activate the best ideas to solve the issue put forward through the challenge.
  • Making it Happen. Report back to the senior representatives and key stakeholders demonstrating how you have achieved in resolving this challenge and how the organisation can integrate this into your day-to-day business.

Banksia has learnt that showing how it can be done from real life examples is a real engagement and motivational tool in driving change.

Through your challenge you can

  • Inspire your leaders and influencers with the learnings and passion of the Challenge
  • Capture real life stories from the process to influence and drive change
  • Engage with your community and the public to share the journey, listening and learning from their concerns, ideas, and solutions
  • Generate actual examples back to your management so that they can reflect and make changes

To achieve these outcomes, we need the following commitment

  • The Skills – engage committed people to ensure timely progress between stages.
  • The Capture – develop formal and informal strategies ensuring we capture stories that celebrate the past, acknowledge the present and paint the future. It is critical that we capture stories from a diverse range of people, including people of different age, tenure, position and race.
  • The Sharing – creating a suitable platform promoting engagement and inclusion ensuring that everyone engages throughout the process.
  • The Empowerment – ensure that we provide the ammunition to engage your leaders introducing change to solve the challenge.

The Banksia Ignite Challenge is not linear; it is ongoing in a true circular motion.

Speak to our CEO to start your journey to solving some of your challenges under the SDGs.

Start the conversation with Graz on 0419 101 248 or at graz@banksiafdn.com