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Leading in Sustainability – Setting the Standard for Small to Medium Businesses Award


Leading in Sustainability – Setting the Standard for Small to Medium Businesses Award

Ecoburbia , WA

As caretakers of almost half of Australia’s landmass sheep and cattle farmers know firsthand the importance of a healthy environment. Their commitment to a sustainable future is embodied in Target 100 – an initiative by Australian cattle and sheep farmers, along with their broader industry, to deliver sustainable farming by 2020. Harnessing social media and other communication channels, Target 100 revolves around 100 research, development and extension initiatives that aim to make cattle and sheep farming more sustainable and case studies of individual farmers. Target 100 encourages behavioural change by exposing farmers to the practices of other producers and the latest environmental research by leading Australian universities and research institutions. It is inspiring the adoption of sustainable practices on a growing number of farms. It is also about bridging the city-country divide between those who produce food and those who consume it. Target 100 provides the platform that allows farmers and consumers to directly communicate about environmental and other issues in lamb and beef production. With more than 100 farmers sharing their sustainability efforts on the Target 100 website and 17,000 visits to the site since its launch in March Target 100 is well on its way to achieving its goal of engaging farmers and consumers on the sustainability journey.

Comments from the Judges

The program is not about a one-way flow of information, but rather provides platforms for those interested to directly engage with farmers, industry and other people interested in sustainable food production. This appears to be a world first. Judges all agree that “Target 100 is a step in the right direction and highlights the very best of the Australian industry”.