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Built Environment – Harmonious Manmade Landscapes


 2010 Built Environment award – Harmonious Manmade Landscapes

Grocon Pixel Building
Grocon, VIC

Grocon’s new Pixel building, the first carbon neutral office building in Australia, has achieved the highest Green Star score ever awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia. “We believe Pixel will lead the way in terms of carbon neutrality and sustainability for years to come.” said Mr Grollo, Grocon CEO.

 Pixel represented the office of the future, achieving a perfect score of 100 points under the Green Star rating system for building design, with 75 points the benchmark for 6 Star Green Star. It gained an extra five points for innovation, equating to world leadership. Included in Pixel’s five innovation points were points for carbon neutrality, a vacuum toilet system, the anaerobic digestion system and reduced car parking. The water initiatives in the project mean the building could be self sufficient for water – in this context, the project is water balanced as well as carbon neutral.

Pixel is also being assessed under the USA LEED and UK BREEAM rating systems, aiming to exceed the highest score yet achieved under either of those tools.

Comments from the Judges

The judges quickly identified that this project will have set new standards and understandings, exemplified by the innovative use of relevant technologies and the persistence with regulatory authorities. It establishes a holistic approach to addressing the environmental issues of buildings.”