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2012 Built Environment – Harmonious Manmade Landscapes

2012 Built Environment – Harmonious Manmade Landscapes

Darling Quarter and Commonwealth Bank Place
Lend Lease and Commonwealth Bank, NSW

The Darling Quarter and Commonwealth Bank Place development is unique for its precinct wide social and sustainable initiatives to ensure precinct vitality and longevity. The project is an important example of two major private industry stakeholders, Lend Lease and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. They are working collaboratively with government to push the boundaries and set a new benchmarks for the creation of urban precincts for people to work, visit and enjoy. Commonwealth Bank Place is the largest and most unique commercial office development in the Sydney CBD. The development is located within Darling Quarter, a new 1.5 hectare precinct that includes a playground, retail terrace, children’s theatre and community green . This integrated commercial and public domain development has created one of Sydney’s most vibrant and sustainable precincts and provides a new flagship campus for CBA. The buildings are some of the highest rated large scale buildings by the Green Building Council of Australia and are recognised as world leaders of sustainable design. While innovation and technology have been important factors in the design of the commercial buildings, the Darling Quarter precinct highlights the importance of place making initiatives to ensure long-term activation. The emphasis on social sustainability extends from the interior fit-out concept of Activity Based Working (ABW) through to the public domain.

Comments from Judges

A far-reaching project, not just looking individually at design, construction, operation, local and community impacts, but all of those together – it has strong design, innovative construction, sleek and people-centred operations, and a great sense of community interaction and local benefit. Overall, this is a well thought-through project, communicated well, with a strong sense of ”making things better”.