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2013 Business and Not-for-Profits – In Collaboration Award

Business and Not-for-Profits -In Collaboration Award

‘Magic Wand’ Oiled Penguin Recovery Technology

Phillip Island Nature Parks VIC

In partnership with Victoria University

Magic Wand’ revolutionises oiled seabird recovery Phillip Island Nature Parks and Victoria University Engineering Department are proud to announce their innovative solution to a global environmental problem. Collaboration over the past decade has resulted in a revolutionary method capable of dramatically altering the response to oiled wildlife across the globe. A novel use of magnetic particle technology has been shown to provide an environmentally-responsible way to treat oiled wildlife that and is 100% effective, faster, cheaper and less invasive than traditional methods and is also waterless and portable. It works by applying oil-absorbing magnetic micro-particles to oiled plumage, fur or rocks. The particles bind strongly to the oil which is then removed using a specially-designed device dubbed the ‘magic wand’. The resulting contaminant-laden particles can then be safely disposed in an environmentally responsible way or recycled. This technology, based on solid research and testing, will revolutionise the treatment of oiled wildlife around the world – especially penguins.

Comments from Judges

This initiative stood out in the Judges opinion based on its innovation, effectiveness and opportunity for a broad-scale solution to a global problem. Combined with its effective communication techniques to educate the public on the risks of oil spills and recovery strategies.