yellow diamond


yellow diamond

In 2018, we worked towards aligning the Banksia Awards with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our entry process. In 2020, we are going one step further by asking you to take us through the specific SDGs you are working on in your entry, relating all of your answers back to the SDGs you are addressing where relevant.

Entries close November 30, 2020

The 2020 Categories are:

    • Small Business
      (20 employees or less with annual revenue turnover of less than $2 million)
    • Medium Business
      (21-199 employees with annual revenue turnover between $2 million – $50 million)
    • Large Business
      (200 plus employees with an annual revenue turnover greater than 50 million)
    • Not-for-profit organisations and Non-governmental organisations
      (income greater than $400,000 per annum)
    • Community and Charity
      (Income less than $400,000 per annum)
    • Government
    • Academia/ Research
    • Indigenous

2020 Banksia Awards Entry Kit

2020 Minister’s Award for the Environment Entry Kit