12 04, 2022

The Blue Tribe Company

What do you get when you mix in some reality TV celebrities, the latest in behavioural science insights, and a mission to transform the sustainability performance of the entire housing industry? You get the new lifestyle TV show, Renovate or Rebuild, that aims to crack open sustainable building options to a broad audience. Read More

24 02, 2022

Degnan Constructions

Degnan’s vision was to deliver a project that set a new benchmark for innovation in rail infrastructure, focusing on sustainable design concepts seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the station. They conceived a solution where the source of renewable energy could be integrated into an essential piece of infrastructure for the Como Train Station upgrade.

24 02, 2022

Sydney Institute of Marine Science

Sydney Institute of Marine Science worked with Reef Design Lab 3D printing technology to recreate the pits, crevices and pools of natural shorelines on modular panels. The panels, which can be manufactured from upcycled materials, are then fitted to new or existing marine developments in customisable mosaics to create Living Seawalls.

24 02, 2022

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort achieved their 100% renewable energy goal through the installation of the Hybrid Solar Power Station, plus over 1000 solar panels and over 250 batteries throughout the resort. These work harmoniously to supply clean and renewable energy for all staff and guests who occupy the resort.

24 02, 2022

Primary and Community Care Services Ltd

Primary & Community Care Services is dedicated to delivering positive outcomes in the health and social welfare sectors. They provide a comprehensive range of mental health and psychosocial support services for people with mental illness across Australia, working in partnership with governments, health services and community groups.

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