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Clean Technology – Harnessing Opportunities

Clean Technology – Harnessing Opportunities

BlueGen – clean power for your home

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd., VIC

Ceramic Fuel Cells is an Australian company leading the world in controllable, low-carbon electricity production. Spun-out from the CSIRO in 1992, Ceramic Fuel Cells is commercialising BlueGen – a mini power station for homes and businesses. Each BlueGen can generate up to 13,000 kilowatt-hours of low-emission electricity every year. That’s more than twice the amount of electricity used by the average home, with surplus electricity being exported to the grid. BlueGen uses widely available natural gas and can operate on future renewable fuels such as biogas. BlueGen delivers not only lower cost electricity, but can also save significant amounts of carbon when displacing electricity derived from brown coal. For example, BlueGen can save up to 33 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year in Victoria. Today, Ceramic Fuel Cells is commercialising this Australian innovation across nine countries. BlueGen will change the way electricity is produced and consumed, moving towards a low-carbon future.

Comments from Judges

The Judges commented on Bluegen’s astonishing broad application, incredibly cutting edge technology, with the potential to have broad impact. An innovative and commercially focussed technology with excellent partnerships in place, both domestically and internationally the judges felt that this is a fine example of Australian technological innovation.