Please visit our Fees & Submission page to determine which entry fee relates to you, your community or your organisation.

No. Your entry must be uploaded via our online awards portal.

Yes. You receive a ‘submitted’ notification and an email with a tax receipt.

Yes. You can enter as many times as you like and enter multiple awards. However, we recommend providing additional information than your previous entry.

Yes. We encourage all previous finalists to re-apply. Please refer to our judges’ feedback and provide additional information on the sustainable progress you have made.

You are welcome to submit your application at any stage if it has resulted in a sustainable outcome with measurable results.

Yes. If you elect to outsource this task, we recommend working together to ensure all relevant areas accurately convey the information you wish the Banksia judges to acknowledge.

Yes. if your project meets the criteria for that award, but your submission must be relevant to the requirements of that category.

Yes. Being concise will help the judges focus on the critical elements of your project. You are welcome to attach additional information, including technical detail, charts, and data.

It would be best to address all criteria relating to your submission to give you the best chance at becoming a finalist.

Once uploaded, you can access and modify your entry as many times as you like until you elect to ‘submit’ your final entry. However, once you have clicked ‘submit’, your entry is formalised and can no longer be edited.

No. All winners are announced at the Banksia Sustainability Awards presentation.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on funds to allow our organisation and award presentations to thrive each year. Therefore, we cannot offer finalists complimentary tickets.

Banksia’s preference is that only one representative from your group or organisation accepts the award on stage; however, you are welcome to receive the award jointly if your initiative is through a joint partnership.

Once you have submitted your entry, you will receive a confirmation email, and Banksia will continue to inform you of any relevant information throughout the judging process.


Banksia conducts all the programs in collaboration with partnering government, business, and educational institutions.

There is at least one larger public event held each year. Smaller events through invitation only are held throughout the year with our partners.

Banksia Ignite events will be advertised in our E-newsletter you can sign up here

This varies from event to event, but information will be made available through our E-newsletter.

If you would like to attend a public event, please subscribe to our regular E-newsletter to keep informed about upcoming events.

If you are a business and would like to participate in the Banksia Ignite SDG Challenge, please contact Banksia at [email protected].

Please contact Banksia at hello@banksiafdn,com for the latest information and ways to encourage participation.

General Enquiries

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