The Inaugural Banksia Ignite Award encourages innovation and new ideas so that we provide momentum for sustainability to flourish around Australia.

Banksia Ignite is looking for the inspiration behind new products, processes, services and technologies that contribute to the development and well-being of human needs and institutions while respecting the world’s natural resources and regenerative capacity.

It is for the best projects, idea and initiatives that don’t yet have the results, resources or funding!

This award is aimed at students, young designers, researchers, start-ups and companies who want to showcase, further develop or market their concepts in order to change society and the economy and to gain exposure to be able to continue their great concept.

We will support the selection of finalists and then the winner, providing them with a platform where they can present their concept and ideas to a wider audience to be able to secure further funding, as well as exposure to the media to present their stories.

Through this award, Banksia will be encouraging sustainable innovation and disruptive initiatives, with the aim to develop better business models, improved processes, streamline resource flows, reduce waste and cost – possibly even creating new market segments entirely.

Sustainability and innovation work well together because innovation is about making things better in the long term. If you are working on an innovative project, we invite you to download the Banksia Ignite Award Kit.


Entries will be judged on the evidence regarding:

  • Initial concept or idea
  • Progress being made against the initial idea/concept
  • Trials or data information relating to concept development

Use the following questions to structure your submission, please note there is a 1,500 word limit.

We want to know what you are doing, where you are at, and why you are doing this!

Download the Entry Kit here:


What are the Driving Forces for this initiative?
How did you come up with this idea?

What is your vision?

What was your starting point, where have you got to and where do you want to go? What is your timeframe?
How does your initiative tie in with the SDGs and which ones does it map across?


What challenges have you been faced with and how are you overcoming these?
Were there any unexpected interim outcomes that you did not foresee?

Awareness and Collaboration

How have you engaged in collaboration on the project?
Is there an obvious demand for your solution or will you need to market this to your target audience?
What were your most successful collaborations?
How does your project exemplify disruption, innovation, and leadership?

Future Steps

Where are you now on your journey and what are your next immediate steps?
When do you foresee some tangible results that you will be able to report on?
Are there any budgetary restraints in going forward?
How would a Banksia Ignite Award assist you in progressing this project/initiative?

Send your submission to [email protected]

All details are in the Ignite Entry Kit.

Entries Close 15th of December

Finalists Announced 7th of February

Winners Announced 31st of March