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Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge (IBK) Working Group – ACEAS in partnership with Indigenous BioCultural Knowledge Group, NSW & QLD

The deep knowledge of Indigenous people is being called upon by the Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge (IBK) Working Group as part of a nationwide effort to stem the tide of extinction and decline that is engulfing Australian environments.

Indigenous and non-Indigenous people are working on hundreds of projects across Australia to understand and better manage Country using combinations of ecological science and to a limited extent, IBK. Ecological science is well documented, publicised and used. However, IBK is often documented in disparate and hard to access places resulting in a lack of broader awareness and uptake in contemporary land management, research and decision-making.

The IBK Working Group has collaborated since 2012 to collate documents and examples of living IBK and promote them through a “one-stop-shop” website The website includes a world-first map, which illustrates the locations of place-based publically-available Australian IBK. The map allows for analysis of gaps, hotspots and opportunities for IBK documentation.

The IBK Working Group is a unique collaboration of Indigenous and non-Indigenous scientists and land managers from a range of organisations from remote to urban Australia. This project is highly innovative and contemporary in its delivery of IBK to the world stage.