Informed 365

Banksia is excited to announce that Informed 365 is sponsoring the Banksia National Sustainability Awards, through the Ethical Sourcing Award!

Since its inception, Informed 365 has been a driver of collaboration and innovation in the Ethical Sourcing and Modern Slavery space, with a primary focus on the empowerment of organisations to make better, more informed decisions around their supply chains.

In recent years, the need for an innovative and sustainable approach to addressing ethical sourcing has become increasingly obvious. Despite commendable efforts by the business community there has been very little impact in addressing both social and environmental issues in supply chains. In addition, organisations are facing increasing stakeholder pressure and regulatory ESG (Environment Social Governance) compliance obligations, such as the Australian Modern Slavery Act. 

For Informed 365, this highlighted the need to provide an agile tech solution that draws on third-party data sources as well as works with the workforce, NGOs, governments, industry bodies, academia, and ethical sourcing experts to deliver a “one-source-of-truth” platform. 

Innovations and collaborations such as the Property Council of Australia, Better Sydney and Informed 365 Australian first industry shared Modern Slavery platform are key drivers for transparency and fairness in supply chains by pooling intellectual and financial resources.

Informed 365 has since launched several other consortia such as Utilities, Healthcare, Resources, Automotive, For Purpose (NFP), Travel & Tourism. 

Developed in alignment with ISO20400, TCFD, CDP and other internationally recognised reporting frameworks, Informed 365’s tech platform can cover any ESG metric such as Governance, Human Rights, Labour, Environment, Community, Fair Operating Practices, Consumer Issues and Climate Change, providing members with instant visibility into the state of their industry. 

Our objectives are simple: accountability and transparency in supply chains resulting in fairer, more equitable, and sustainable supply chains whilst advocating collaboration and engagement down all tiers. 

Informed 365 is delighted to sponsor the Banksia Ethical Sourcing Award, to support and inspire a next generation of thinkers and leaders in the Ethical Sourcing space whilst promoting the need for collaboration and proactiveness. It is our hope that ESG will permeate across all industries, and that through innovations such as those nominated for this award, ‘ethical sourcing’ will become the norm, rather than an ambition. 

NSW Sustainability Success Stories 2021