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Making it exemplar – the North West Rail Link, Transport for NSW

The North West Rail Link (NWRL) is Australia’s biggest public transport project.

The NWRL has a clear vision to achieve new benchmarks in sustainable infrastructure delivery. This means demonstrating NWRL is at the forefront of best practice, delivering environmental, social and economic improvements throughout the project. Sustainability underpins the core project program and is integrated across all project stages. It is not an afterthought or an add on.

Our commitment is to “contribute to environmental, social and economic sustainability by improving liveability, minimising our impact on the environment and the community, and delivering value for money”. The project will make a positive contribution by not only extending public transport, but also sustainable growth in the North West region.

NWRL has developed an approach that ensures that it will deliver and promote infrastructure sustainability in terms of objectives, targets and measurable outcomes against key policy themes across the project life cycle. Sustainability contract requirements (including targets) have been built into major packages to drive improvements and innovation.

To demonstrate leadership, NWRL has endorsed innovative policies on operational energy and a new approach to workforce development and engagement of local businesses with Greater Western Sydney in the project delivery and operational phases.