An Insight into Banksia Judging from our Chair Judge Geoff Mabbett

Australia is on the Sustainability Path.
How do I know this?

As Chair of the Banksia Judging Audit Panel I am witness to the best Australia has to offer in sustainability innovations and improvements.  And each year I have seen the value that this significant reward and recognition platform that is the Banksia’s has provided to participants for the past 29 years.

And what many may not know is what goes on within the Banksia judging process to create the transparency and thoroughness that the Awards’ judging process has become.

The Banksia four-tier judging process is based on nearly three decades of experience, and each year we review our processes to adapt the judging further. Most participants find the value of entering is not only to achieve recognition, but also through the valuable feedback that every entrant receives. This has been implemented as a key component of the Banksia Awards since 2012.  We want to ensure that there is value-add from taking part in the Banksia Awards Program.

The Banksia Award Categories capture the tremendous work being done across all sectors of industry, government and community. The research being conducted, innovation being shown, and the leadership that is pulling us towards a brighter future. This has all been reflected by our past entrants.

The Banksia Judges want to make sure that we are capturing Australia’s best efforts across all areas and we are asking Australian’s to put their achievements forward and be assessed by our thorough judging process. By doing this we want to ensure that it is highlighting more leading examples to be promoted to all Australians going forward.

Let’s not forget the opportunity for those who are working on their sustainability agenda to gain the key recognition they deserve through the Banksia Awards profiling which now has evolved to also making sure that Banksia finalists are provided with a valuable platform to share their leadership and innovation.

I highly encourage any individual, business, corporation, local council, community group that are looking for a platform for recognition, to put their achievements forward and take part in a highly rewarding process that will give you so many varied benefits.