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Land and Biodiversity – Preserving Our Ecosystems

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Land and Biodiversity – Preserving Our Ecosystems

Fox-Free Phillip Island Victoria, Australia

Phillip Island Nature Parks, VIC

Imagine a fox-free ecosystem, we did. Why? Because foxes were threatening Phillip Island’s Little Penguins, wildlife and biodiversity. The introduction of foxes to Phillip Island in the early 1900s was devastating. Nine of the ten existing penguin colonies were lost – with foxes the primary cause. In 1985, our team at Phillip Island Nature Parks in Victoria instigated a fox control program – but the kills continued. Our vision became to eradicate foxes completely. In 2007, despite tough economic times, we committed to implementing a Fox Eradication Strategy for Phillip Island and allocated $700 000 over 5 years to a unique, multi-faceted approach of science, fieldwork, partnerships and technological innovation. Success! In the past two years, no Little Penguins have been killed by foxes! And, numbers of birds and wildlife are increasing. We are proud to be ensuring Phillip Island’s biodiversity and providing a model to other ecosystems.

Comments from Judges

Judges remarked on Phillip Island’s fantastic partnerships and their drive to make the Island Fox free with innovative methods of eradication and trialling. This is a great example to other communities wanting to eradicate feral species.