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2013 Land and Biodiversity – Preserving Our Ecosystems Award

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Land and Biodiversity – Preserving Our Ecosystems Award

Gondwana Link: 1000kms of goodwill and good work

Gondwana Link Ltd, WA

One of the world’s top 25 biodiversity hotspots ‘where exceptional concentrations of endemic species are undergoing exceptional loss of habitat.’ That’s the international science designation south western Australia received in February 2000. A chilling reminder that, after decades of good environmental and landcare work, the south west was still faced with a tsunami of extinctions. So we are trying to be both more hard-nosed and more ambitious. The goal is 1000kms of connected and healthy bushland across the south west, a lived in landscape where wildlife thrives alongside farming, forestry and mining. Seemed crazy at the time, and was, but is now being achieved. Habitat gaps are being filled, with the best possible science used to restore whole paddocks so that rare wallabies and tiny honey possums are now feeding in the new shrublands. The largest temperate woodland left on earth is starting to get the recognition and improved management it needs, with its indigenous owners having a powerful say in its future. A cohesive effort spanning over twenty organisations and businesses has built a strong foundation from which true ecological sustainability can be achieved. We don’t claim all the credit for this, but know our vision and energy has helped enormously

Comments from Judges

The Judges have named this the winner based on its innovative approach, vision and partnerships formed to achieve substantial biodiversity outcomes.