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Leading in Sustainability – Setting the Standard for Large Organisations


Leading in Sustainability – Setting the Standard for Large Organisations

Sustainability is Good for Business

Fujitsu, VIC

Ambitious: At Fujitsu we aim to reduce GHG emissions worldwide by 15 million tons, over the four year period 2008 to 2012. Ours is a long term, quantified sustainability vision taking us to 2100, with target milestones set to the year 2020. Our Green Policy 2020 provides a vision for a prosperous, low carbon future. Genuine: Sustainability is a guiding principle for how we work with customers and within society as a whole. Our approach is strategy lead and is not only about reducing our own footprint, it is about helping our customers do the same. Responsive: Fujitsu’s cutting edge R&D results in leading green products and solutions that are shaping the Green IT landscape. We acknowledge both the seriousness of climate change and that it is happening faster than initially predicted, so we are accelerating our already impressive response to what many define as “the issue of our times”.

Comments from Judges

The Judges commented that this was an extremely impressive entry, with compelling evidence that supports the integration of sustainability principles into the corporate culture. The breadth and scale of the program is comprehensive with results being reflected both internally and externally. Fujitsu have strong environmental credentials with the potential to influence significant energy and greenhouse gas reduction with customers. They have also shown refinement and improvement over time.