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Finalists and Winners

National Awards Finalists


For the finalists of the 34th Banksia National Sustainability Awards – Australia’s longest running and most prestigious sustainability awards – the message is strong. For humanity to survive, we need biodiversity to thrive.

The winners and finalists, drawn from a record number of entries, demonstrate optimism and hope for a brighter future despite fears of an economic downturn.

We can’t be subject to pessimism. People need to hear our sustainability success stories. These are Australia’s brightest leaders, changemakers and innovators who are making a positive impact on the world.

Reflecting the popularity to conserve, protect and restore Australia’s ecosystems, the Biodiversity, Circular Transition and Net Zero categories received the most entries for the Banksia Awards.

Given Australia’s commitment to protect 30% of the Earth by 2030, it’s fantastic to see our finalists accelerating efforts and acting with the sense of urgency required to regenerate the environment.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and finalist.

Graz van Egmond
Chief Executive Officer

An illustration depicting the Banksia Gold Award

The 34th National Banksia Gold Award Winner

Woolworths Group, NSW

Woolworths Group’s more than 190,000 team members serve over 22 million customers weekly across more than 1,400 stores, with the support of over 18,000 suppliers. As Australia and New Zealand’s largest retailer, our reach creates opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the communities we operate in and lead important sustainability conversations that can facilitate change.

Our sustainability program has brought teams right across Woolworths Group together to collectively drive short and long-term action on our ambitions across our pillars of People, Planet and Product.

We are proud of our progress, but there is much more to do. Sustainability is one of the deepest transformational programs that has taken place at Woolworths Group over recent years, and that’s incredibly exciting – we know the actions we take today, together with our customers, team, and partners, can create a better tomorrow and have a positive impact on generations to come.

Agriculture and Regional Development Award


Reef and Rainforest Research Centre, QLD

One of the biggest challenges in meeting the water quality targets – and restoring trust in science – has been the ability to determine with confidence the sources and amounts of pollutants (such as nitrogen) in catchments that flow onto the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). The stakeholder-driven “Project 25” piloted a mechanism for ‘bottom-up’ water quality research to provide farmers with stronger, more tangible feedback loops between water quality science and management, in the Russell-Mulgrave catchment south of Cairns. New water quality monitoring equipment and a customised app delivering real-time data has for the first time enabled landholders to identify where there are problems with nitrogen runoff on their own properties. Landholders are now changing their practices and working with partners including the Wanyurr-Majay Traditional Owners to remediate wetlands and further measurably improve the quality of the water leaving the catchment into the GBR.


Cobram Estate Olives, VICCobram Estate Olives is showing the world that its product is not only good for human health, but its sustainable farming practises are good for the planet too.
HW Greenham & Sons, VICGreenham introduce Beef Sustainability Standard to deliver planet-positive beef to global customers.

Biodiversity Award


Reef and Rainforest Research Centre, QLD

At a time when the health of the Great Barrier Reef has never been more critical, this world-first application of science-led Integrated Pest Management principles to the problem of a marine pest has delivered a revolution in our ability to defend coral and biodiversity. The new multidisciplinary insights, methodologies, capabilities and partnerships fostered through this project are not only demonstrably increasing the Reef’s resilience – they are delivering socio-economic benefits in terms of investment and job opportunities, with a focus on training programs enabling young local Traditional Owners to care for their Reef Sea Country.


Accounting for Nature, NSW – Accounting for Nature works with a large number of groups and organisations to implement the Accounting for Nature framework – a world leading, scientifically rigorous methodology for measuring environmental condition.
ANU Sustainable Farms, ACT – Sustainable Farms has created a powerful tool, BirdCast, that helps farmers identify management actions that could support threatened birds on their properties.
Glenelg Golf Club, SA – Glenelg Golf club is creating a greener future and protecting urban biodiversity.
Hindmarsh Landcare Network, VIC – Project Hindmarsh – bringing communities together on Country to restore biodiversity.
Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort, QLD – Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort is on a mission to rehabilitate the natural ecosystem from a dilapidated mine site to a flourishing coral cay.
The Nature School, NSW – The Nature School, facilitated by Meridith Ebbs, photographed living things in the school playground and surrounding Innes Peninsula and then used the iNaturalist app to upload images to the Atlas of Living Australia for identification to document local biodiversity.
Warddeken Land Management Ltd, NT – Preserving biodiversity and biocultural heritage in West Arnhem Land

Circular Transition Award


MCi Carbon, NSW

MCi Carbon (MCi) is a world-leading Australian clean technology company that transforms carbon dioxide into building materials and other valuable industrial products and recently won The Clean Energy Start-up Pitch Battle at COP26 in Glasgow. MCi has an industrial headquarters in Newcastle and a global reference pilot plant, at the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER), which was awarded the Clean technology Award at the 2022 NSW Sustainability Awards, presented by Banksia.

Founded in 2013, the company has developed a low-cost, low-pressure, low-energy chemical engineering process to transform carbon emissions from industrial sources into solid materials which can be used to create a range of products. Our mission is to contribute to the industrial pathway to zero emissions. MCi has received global recognition for its R&D, including the 2018 Resource Innovator of the Year award at the New Materials Summit in Berlin and being featured at the World Economic Forum Pioneers of Change Summit.


Adaptation Environmental Support Pty Ltd, NSWRecycle Mate is Australia’s first artificial intelligence community-driven recycling app.
Fungi Solutions, VICFungi Solutions create natural alternatives to polystyrene using waste and fungi.
Huskee, NSWWaste Made Beautiful: Huskee is implementing a Closed-Loop, Full Circle Sustainable Coffee Cups Program.
Repurpose It, VIC – Leading Australian waste recycling business, Repurpose It, has built the country’s first wash plant in its mission to reduce the vast amount of construction and demolition waste going to landfill.
Thor’s Hammer, ACT – Canberra business Thor’s Hammer has created a unique timber salvaging supply chain and recycling profitability model with a simple mission; keep quality timber out of landfill by disrupting the demolition process, and design high quality products to increase demand for and appreciation of recycled timber.

Diversity and Inclusion Award


Ventia, NSW

Working across diverse communities in Australia and New Zealand, Ventia’s workforce must reflect this diversity so we better understand the communities in which we operate. To ensure a diverse workforce, we needed to look at our workforce through the lens of identifiers such as gender, cultural background and abilities. One area we have focused on is providing opportunities for people with disability and building an inclusive culture. Contracts across Australia have created opportunities for people with disability to contribute to our focus on redefining service excellence for our clients. We have over 150 employees with disability in roles including help desk, administration, data analysis and soft services, with one contract alone seeing a huge increase in disability employment in just over 12 months. We achieved our growth by appointing a Disability and Social Inclusion Manager to drive cultural change, reviewing job design, engaging on-site leaders for buy-in, engaging disability employment operators, and seeking regular feedback.


Bunzl, VICBunzl Asia Pacific (Bunzl) has established and implemented meaningful programs and partnerships to create an inclusive leadership system, and support women, veterans, and First Nations communities in successful employment and business outcomes.
Chandler Macleod, VICChandler Macleod, in partnership with the Jobs Victoria, founded the No Glass Ceiling Program. This initiative sources, develops, and cultivates women over 45 years of age into new lines of employment.

Ethical Sourcing Award


Philip Chan, University of Sydney, NSW

Philip has adopted best practice human rights and sustainability approaches at the University of Sydney, Westpac and with global clients at KPMG. His leadership, innovation and passion has helped him advise law, policy, due diligence and training across diverse sectors throughout his career, as well developing strategic approaches and relationship building with Indigenous and social enterprises. He serves on the NSW Committee – Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, and the Social Enterprise Council of NSW & ACT. Inspiring the next generation of changemakers, he has lectured in human rights law at Western Sydney University and named a World Economic Forum Global Shaper.


Coles Group Limited, VICColes is committed to safeguarding horticulture workers’ rights and wellbeing in Australia.
HW Greenham & Sons, VICGreenham introduce Beef Sustainability Standard to deliver planet-positive beef to global customers.

First Nations Leading a Sustainable Future Award


The Keeping Place, WA

The Keeping Place is an Indigenous-owned and led, for purpose organisation that is committed to supporting Traditional Owners and their representatives to protect cultural knowledge, manage Country, and regain sovereignty of their data through a culturally considerate software platform.

We believe in empowering First Nations people, communities and organisations through our GIS based cultural heritage and land management system to realise new social and economic opportunities.

The Keeping Place provides an enterprise grade software solution that enables Traditional Owners to access, store, and manage land and cultural heritage information all in one place. Managing cultural sites in areas where they coincide with mining, exploration, and agriculture activities is a challenging task that requires a sophisticated information management system.

The Keeping Place is designed for this purpose. It monitors multiple tenements, archaeological and ethnographic sites, heritage surveys, agreement obligations and commitments, previous and future mining and exploration impacts, and numerous land-based activities.

The Keeping Place is the only comprehensive system of its kind in Australia (if not the world) that was designed by Traditional Owners, built for Traditional Owners and owned by Traditional Owners. The Keeping Place is a solution to protect cultural heritage and manage Country. The principles of Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Cultural Protocol Governance are part of our DNA.


DJAARA, VIC – Galk-galk Dhelkunya, (“to care for/to heal, many trees”) is DJAARAs strategic approach to lead the work that needs to be done to heal Dja Dja Wurrung Country (Djandak).
Social Reinvestment, WA – Aboriginal-led Coalition Campaigns for Youth Justice Reform.

Future Places Award


North Western Program Alliance, VIC

The Bell to Moreland Level Crossing Removal Project, delivered by the North Western Program Alliance (NWPA), transformed a divisive rail corridor in Melbourne’s inner north into a vibrant and active urban precinct, promoting community health, inclusion, resilience and a sustainable connection to nature.

The result was the creation of over two Melbourne Cricket Grounds worth of new public space, 2.5 kms of separated user paths enabling active transport, innovative landscaping to encourage biodiversity, and co-design for better place-making. At every step of the way, these design decisions were informed by community feedback and stakeholder collaboration.

The project’s sustainability outcomes have been rated amongst the highest ever by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council and Green Building Council of Australia.

NWPA is proud to have delivered a sustainable community precinct which can be enjoyed by future generations.


CarbonLite, VIC – CarbonLite, creating a future where all homes on earth are resilient, healthy, accessible, and net positive.
City of Melbourne, VIC – The City of Melbourne’s Grey to Green program has transformed over 80 hectares of underutilised hardscape into high quality, pedestrian-orientated streetscapes and open space.
Sydney Metro, NSW – Sydney Metro driving sustainability innovation in railway infrastructure, achieving world leading design ratings.
Warrnambool Community Garden, VIC – Warrnambool Community Garden members have converted a long-abandoned quarry into a new, safe and inclusive green and public space: a beautiful, accessible, natural amphitheatre able to stage public gatherings and events

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Health and Wellbeing Award


Fire Rescue Victoria, VIC

Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) has developed best practice mitigation initiatives to reduce the prevalence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the firefighting industry, the community and the environment across Victoria, Australia and around the world.

PFAS are a group of synthetic chemicals present in the firefighting industry, specifically in firefighting foams, but also in the wider community and many household items such as cookware, carpets and even clothing. Dubbed as toxic ‘forever chemicals’, PFAS have been linked to devastating health issues and diseases.

There is a lack of scientific research to determine what levels of PFAS in the human body are safe, and prior to the world-first clinical trial led by FRV, there was no known way to reduce PFAS levels in the body.

With no guidelines or examples of PFAS-free models globally, our PFAS elimination efforts required FRV to reimagine what our industry, and the world, would look like without this group of chemicals.


Alex Makes Meals, VIC – Alex Makes Meals is a food-based charity who provide free meals and connections for vulnerable people in the community. Through food relief and care, they help to provide a positive difference to the lives of people in Melbourne.
Assembled Threads Pty Ltd, VIC – Assembled Threads, transforming lives through training and employment in local manufacturing.

Large Business Sustainable Leadership Award


Woolworths Group, NSW

Woolworths Group’s more than 190,000 team members serve over 22 million customers weekly across more than 1,400 stores, with the support of over 18,000 suppliers. As Australia and New Zealand’s largest retailer, our reach creates opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the communities we operate in and lead important sustainability conversations that can facilitate change.

Our sustainability program has brought teams right across Woolworths Group together to collectively drive short and long-term action on our ambitions across our pillars of People, Planet and Product.

We are proud of our progress, but there is much more to do. Sustainability is one of the deepest transformational programs that has taken place at Woolworths Group over recent years, and that’s incredibly exciting – we know the actions we take today, together with our customers, team, and partners, can create a better tomorrow and have a positive impact on generations to come.


Australia Post, VIC Sustainability is embedded in Australia Post’s enterprise strategy, senior leader metrics, culture and employee value proposition. Our comprehensive 2025 Sustainability Roadmap also targets Net Zero emissions by 2050.
Bunzl, VIC Bunzl Asia Pacific’s committed start to their sustainability journey has resulted in rapid improvement to not only their social and environmental performance but their suppliers’, and customers’ sustainability performance as well.
Port Authority of New South Wales, NSW Embedding sustainability at Port Authority of NSW.
Transurban, VICStrengthening communities by redefining sustainable transport through a business-led approach to the SDGs.

Marketing and Communications for Impact Award


Paradigm Foods, QLD

Roots Regenerative is 100% grassfed beef, raised exclusively on Regenerative Australian farms. Around the world consumers are demanding more environmentally sustainable products and beef is no exception.

Paradigm Foods created Roots Regenerative to cater to this need – giving consumers a better beef choice – not only for their health, but for their environmental conscience. More than this though, Roots Regenerative was born from a passion to acknowledge, reward, and celebrate the efforts of Australian regenerative producers who have been quietly leading a soil health revolution.

Roots Regenerative developed the first Regenerative certified beef, sourced across over 50 properties covering over 750,000 hectares of regenerative farmland.

Supported with an engaging and disruptive launch campaign, Paradigm Foods are proud to be connecting consumers with Regenerative produce. Roots Regenerative is bigger than beef – it’s starting a regenerative movement for a better food future.


Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), NSW – AWC’s Spotlighting the Bilby campaign showcased the efforts of conservationists around the country through a series of innovative public education materials to target a monumental audience.
Central Coast Council, NSW – The NSW Central Coast’s ECO journey to rewild destination marketing.
Hunter Water, NSW- Respect the Throne – flushing out problem behaviours from the bottom up.
Life Unhurried, QLD – Life Unhurried is on a mission to change the way people travel.

Net Zero Leadership Award


Metrics Credit Partners Pty Ltd, NSW

Metrics Credit Partners (Metrics) is a leading Australian non-bank corporate lender and alternative asset manager, offering tailored borrowing solutions to businesses of all sizes and across all industries in Australia and New Zealand. Through its managed funds Metrics provides access to the Australian private debt market to investors ranging from individuals to global institutions. Metrics manages over A$13 billion and has an experienced team of over 100 employees.

Metrics formed a dedicated Sustainable Finance team in 2021 to drive Metrics toward net zero. The team’s initiatives have included developing an innovative ESG and Sustainability borrower questionnaire, measuring Metrics’ operational and financed emissions based on leading standards, and setting and publicly disclosing ambitious science-based emissions reduction targets.

Metrics’ inaugural Climate Report transparently sets out its efforts and achievements to date and gives stakeholders valuable insight into where Metrics will focus its efforts to reach net zero.


Black Stump Technologies, VICAustralian sustainability technology company Black Stump has partnered with Transport NSW and consortium partners BMD and AECOM to produce annualised CO2 emissions savings of 200,000 kilograms at the Newell Highway Upgrade project by replacing diesel generated power with its market-leading renewable energy technology solution, the Solarator.
FutureFeed, QLDFutureFeed is paving the way for an entirely new industry: Asparagopsis seaweed as a livestock feed ingredient to drastically reduce methane emissions.
Solar Thermal Australia, VIC Reclaim Energy’s new era of water heat pumps helps Australiana move closer towards net zero emissions by targeting reductions of up to 80% on household energy use and emissions compared to the conventional electric heaters.

SME Sustainable Leadership Award


Forico Pty Limited, TAS

How do we understand the value of our dependencies and our impacts on the natural world?

In 2020 and 2021 Forico published a world-leading and Australian-first Natural Capital Report, setting a benchmark in environmental stewardship and corporate sustainability reporting.

Our Natural Capital Reports are changing the focus of our conversations when we make strategic decisions, assess risks and deploy financial resources, ensuring nature is appropriately valued and represented in decision making.

We measured and valued our most material ecosystem services, namely (i) biomass and wood fibre production; (ii) carbon storage and sequestration; (iii) water flow and sediment control; and (iv) habitat and biodiversity services.

Our Natural Capital Reports demonstrate we strongly believe that producing sustainable forest products and providing nature-based solutions will help mitigate climate change, biodiversity loss and lead the transition to a circular economy.

Forests are climate positive and nature positive.


Leather Cattle Co, QLD Leather Cattle Co leads by example in the sustainable production of beef through excellence in environmental stewardship, animal management and increased productivity.
Taylors Wines, SATaylors Wines has a vision for a more sustainable industry.
Swag Australia, NSWThe Swag and Veggie Saver are intelligent, multi-award winning, patented, food storage and produce bags that are reusable, machine-washable, compostable, non-toxic and scientifically proven to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for two weeks or more in the crisper of the fridge.

Sustainable Leadership in the eCommerce & reCommerce Industry Award logo
Australia Post Logo

Sustainable Leadership in the eCommerce & reCommerce Industry Award


The Daily Routine, VIC

Buy Once. Refill Forever. Avoid Waste. The Daily Routine is Australia’s first zero waste luxurious eco-lifestyle brand to create a range of water-soluble personal care pods that not only clean up our hands but also the planet.

The Daily Routine is a more planet-positive alternative to everyday essentials for an effortlessly sustainable daily routine. We all know that plastic is causing a huge problem for our planet and no doubt you want to do your part to make the world a better place. But, we totally get it – committing to an eco-friendly lifestyle can be pretty expensive, time-consuming and hard to stick to.

The Daily Routine was founded by two environmentally conscious best friends who both shared a deep passion for sustainability. After a few months of living together, they were horrified at the amount of household waste that they were producing every week. One night they were in the middle of popping a washing pod in their dishwasher when it dawned on them: what if they created pods for a hand wash? And just like that, The Daily Routine was born!


TABOO Period Products, SA – TABOO Period Products exists to eradicate period poverty through the sale of sustainably made, certified organic cotton pads and tampons.
Totem Eco, NSW – Exciting new e-commerce brand Totem Eco is on a mission to change global beauty for the better and is quickly being recognised as a leader in the clean beauty market with its holistic approach to sustainability.

Sustainable Tourism Award


Passions of Paradise, QLD

For 30 years, Passions of Paradise has been at the forefront of marine ecotourism on the Great Barrier Reef. As the company continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the emergence of regenerative tourism and citizen science have reinvigorated the efforts of this conservation-minded organisation. By actively turning tourists into conservationists, Passions of Paradise has led the shift in nature-based tourism into an immersive, active and engaging experience for a wide variety of guests. This focus on turning the guest experience into a hands-on benefit to the Reef has proved wildly popular, and is the basis for the company’s progressive business model. As social, economic and environmental conditions continue to change, Passions of Paradise is evolving as well; what has succeeded as a tourism operation engaged in conservation has naturally built on these successes and is slowly being reshaped as a conservation operation engaged in tourism.


Blue Derby Pods Ride, TASBlue Derby Pods Ride is an off-grid eco-luxury adventure mountain biking experience in Tasmania that has an emphasis on giving guests ‘flow’; in turn facilitating the development of environmental stewards and encouraging these stewards to become more sustainable in their own lives.
Busselton Jetty Inc, WA – Busselton Jetty Environment Foundation has the lofty goal to educate and inspire as many people as it can to be stewards of the wondrous marine environment.
Fun Over Fifty, QLD – With a vision to be recognised as the most sustainable tour operator in Australia, Fun Over 50 Holidays paves a new way for over-50s travel, breaking-down barriers, and perceptions of coach/group travel by contracting local eco-cultural guides, injecting into Aboriginal owned enterprises, generating new revenue for industry in-need in and offsetting CO2-e through significant environmental protection initiatives.
TRC Tourism, NSW – TRC Tourism developed the Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework to support sustainable transformation of the Pacific region’s tourism sector in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Young Changemakers Award


Alex Makes Meals, VIC

Alex Makes Meals provides chef-made, quality meals for people living in crisis. These meals enable meaningful connections with crucial services to help vulnerable community members stabilise and thrive Today, Alex Makes Meals provides free, prepared meals to a range of disadvantaged community members who are homeless, young, studying or supporting children.

Alex Makes Meals aim to make a difference by helping people retain their dignity through crisis situations.


Climate Wise Agriculture, NSW Creating a healthy planet and people through climate wise agriculture.
Farmers Pick, VIC – It’s what’s inside that counts, Farmers Pick rescues imperfect fruit and vegetables from going to waste which in turn achieves sustainable positive impact on Australia’s fresh produce industry.